Advance of Pay

I am a married soldier in Germany living in an unfurnished quarter. I am moving on posting soon and due to the time required to move my furniture and a lack of suitable alternative accomodation CHBS have booked me in to a hotel.

Can anyone tell me if I am entitled to an advance of pay to meet either some or all the costs of the hotel and meals and how I go about applying for it.
SPeak to your FSA, complete MOD F300, they will usually allow you 90% of your Hotel fees, make sure you have a copy of your CHBS Booking proforma and any other forms, then you can claim it all back on a 1771, keep any food bills as you may be abe to claim the actuals back for that as well.
Suggest too that the FSA contact your new unit and ask that your advance be charged to their Suspence account. That way you will be able to clear the advance by filling in a 1771 at your new unit. As stated keep all your food receipts, you and your family all have an entitlement to DS.

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