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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by titsinatophat, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, was just wondering if any of you HR guru's could help. I'm due posting within the next couple of months and with removal costs and everything plus other expenses I could really do with a small subsidary to tie me over. Is it possible to apply to my unit HR staff for an advance of pay. If so how quick does it get paid into your account and what repayment options are there.
  2. Short answer, yes you can get up to 1 months pay (or 4 months for certain overseas postings). This would be repaid over a maximum 12 month period at a rate of four days pay per month (so if you got a 1 month advance, it would be paid within 8 months at that rate) or if the amount was greater than 48 days pay, at a rate that would see it paid off in 12 months (about 10 days pay a month for a 4 month advance).

    If my understanding of this is right, the money should be in your bank account within a matter of days.

    By the way, when it says you will repay at 4 days pay a month, this could be slightly misleading. I have noticed when making claims via JPA recently that a caution comes up saying that if I have an outstanding GPD, then these monies will go to pay that debt back rather than into my account. Be sure not to rely on any travel warrant claims during this period.
  3. What removal costs? If you are a singly, your kit can move through the MFO, and pads get the full removals package. Have you had an assignment order yet?
  4. Its all quite complicated, I'm not a singly, but thanks for your help guys!
  5. Is one eligible for an advance before a tour if having the costs of handing over a MQ and placing furnature in storage ect?
  6. Tits,

    Find out what you are entitled to before asking the CoC for a loan, you should have a leave and movements clerk who can assist.

  7. Cheers for the info!
  8. Some of the bits of the JSP that I left out give the rules on that. I think the answer may be 'NO', but will reply again on Tuesday with the references, if no-one else gives you the answer.
  9. If you are posted to / from or between and overseas location then you can have an advance of pay of up to 30 days net pay (more for USA/Canada and a few others) which is repayable over 12 monthly installments, not at 4 days gross pay.

    if you are UK to UK then you can get nowt.
  10. On Tuesday as promised:

    I think you'll find the answer is in here
    which I had already posted. I read this as 'Yes, you can get this for an Op tour, unless it is a temporary assignment' which is, tbh, a bit baffling. Your unit clerks should be able to advise 8O
  11. Thanks very much for getting back to me on this Joe, much appreciated!
  12. If you're married, ever thought about Disturbance Allowance - you can claim it up to 42 days in advance of the move?