Advance CR's ?

I'm posted soon and on the posting order it says that I am due an 'early' CR. What is the point of this ?I am still at my unit when my board sits so why the advance cr req'd ?

Cheers in advance.
An advanced CR depends on certain criteria, you say you are posted, therefore you should get a CR on posting. When were you due your annual CR? What rank are you, or what is your usual reporting period. Advanced and delayed CRs are to be upto 3 months either side of your usual annual CR due date. A report for any other period should be in the form of a Insert Slip, your unit SSA can explain this to you.
A CR must cover a minimumperiod of 6 months and can be advanced or delayed 3 months either side of the report period.

With the current harmonisation plot it is very important that MCMs and RAOWOs get this right, otherwise soldiers will be penalised.

MCMs do not always get it right and as a rule of thumb the RAOWO should check to ensure that the soldier, NCO, SNCO or warrant officer has the correct reporting period.

In your case I presume you are a Cpl or LCpl and your harmonisation report date for 2005 is 1 Mar, therefore you must receive a CR by 1 Jun at the latest, remembering that it must cover 6 months. So if you post without a CR you would not effectively get one this year as you can not work 6 months in your next unit by 1 Jun 05.

Hope that is not too technical. Pse post if you need further clarification.

For those that are interested I have also produced a harmonisation plot for all corps/regts and am happy to publish or email. :?:

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