Advance CFT

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Someone tell me about the 2 day CFT 12miler thing
    all info
  2. come on I need quick answer?
  3. see your closest pti
  4. STAB PTIs dont no?
  5. Never heard of it, mate. Hope it dosen't take 2 days to cover 12 miles.
  6. The Advanced Combat Fitness Test (ACFT 1), a 2 mile speed march carrying a 44lb (20Kg) load, followed by some short tests to simulate the demands of combat.
  7. No, CFT 2 I think its called 12 miles each day different time allowed on each day
  8. ACFT 2

    Day 1 20km 30 kg 3hrs 30 mins
    Day 2 20km 20 kg 3hrs
  9. Thats the one cheers Norm
  10. That's a bit intensive, for most. I take it some build up training would be required for that?
  11. Oh yessiree! It's also known as the Rural Operational Readiness Fitness Test. Mostly the preserve of the Infantry (the test, not the operations) but others have also ventured.....
  12. Im asssuming that by "Rural Operation" that means open countryside like most normal "home" exercises right?

    So does this mean there are other fitness tests for different operating theatres? "Urban?" etc?
  13. Yeah Fit For Role is done at my unit as well

    Depends on the C.O. if we stay out, last year we stayed overnight in Galloway Forest, half the blokes covered in midgy bites after one night.

    All attached arms at my unit do the same test.
  14. It sounds really good. I knew that I should have be attached to an Infantry unit .
  15. Done it a few times , it is really important to have a really good stretch after the first day
    then have an even moreintense stretch before the second one its a real killer but we all have to do
    it twice a year .