ADV Training on HMS Ocean??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brianlara, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Our coy has been offered onto a 2 or 3 day adv training thingy on HMS Ocean next week.
    Does anyone know what this involves or where HMS Ocean is at the moment?
    Sorry to ask but we know bugger all, our staff know bugger all and if we want to go we better hurry up and give them an answer.
  2. Anchored somewhere off Araquistan , waiting to go in to action ,on a 12 hour ready to move . Good luck !
  3. Lots of beer and seasickness, I'd say.
  4. This has got to be a wind-up?

    Do you really expect ship's programmes to be placed on an open-source? If the ship has invited you I suggest two things:

    1. Phone Whitehall telephone operator -ask for a MENTOR call to HMS Ocean, ask for the Op's Officer and discuss things with him/her.

    2. Get your PSI's to phone the NAVY!! Largish organisation, around before even your oldest PSI. Phoned in the phone book under Royal Navy. Speak to FLEET (like LAND, only located in Portsmouth, not Wiltshire).

    What I can tell you in that she is recently out of re-fit and hence will probably be undertaking work-up. That is open source, have a look here:

    Blimey, some people.......
  5. Brianlara, what is your job ? Itake it your inf or bootie ?
  6. Blimey, some people.......
  7. Rifleman
  8. It'll just be a jolly with the booties / RN. I went on one a few years ago on HMS Bulwark. We flew out to Barcelona where the ship was docked had a night on the beer and the plan was then to sail back to blighty. Had good a good laugh too.

    Then this happened...
  9. BrianL

    See PM.
    Sorry, assumed you were DS
  10. BL you'll probably be doing opfor for "them" prepared to get wet and cold
  11. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    I was told all about this at the Carol Service . . . .but seeing as I got drunk can't remember much, somthing about transferring from ship to boat, chopper to boat, firing a few weapons yadda yadda.

    However SPSI does have the details . me old fashioned but give him a bell. Feck sake even the text message said to do that.

    It's like herding cats with you lot sometimes . . . . . . :roll:
  12. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    That made me laugh so much a litle bit of wee came out . . ..
  13. Ocean is SH*te, they give you grieve as you are not part of "Team O" as they call it. Very cliquey. The lads in the troops mess had ice in the mess and no heating and 5 of use had to use the embarked troop senior rates mess as we weren't ships company.

  14. The reason you wafu tawts are not welcome in the Ship's Coy senior rates mess is simply due to you and your predecessors inability to pay your mess bills. Or act like senior rates.

    The messes provided for you would be perfectly comfortable, if you could manage to treat them with a modicum of respect.
  15. Forgot to mention its not adventure training....