Adults reading Marvel comics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. I've never understood comic books or the grown ups who buy them. Now it seems that the true motivation for fiddling about with Dungeon Masters and Superheroes dressed in multi-coloured condoms is out....

    Deeply sad.

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  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    When they say 'Astonishing', do they really mean 'Cottaging'?

  3. I'd subscribe on the spot if there was a series about the dark haired birds on the extreme left and right showing their bean flicking antics.
  4. I blame homosexualists for making Marvel Comics respectable adult fair.

  5. You've got no chance....... third from the left sitting down is her lezzer partner.
  6. Fuck my luck.
  7. I expect Marvel are working on a Beanflicker character as we speak.

    Beanflicker swoops down from the rooftops in her slacks and sensible shoes, nabbing Truncheon Man with her magic rainbow thread device.

    "Curse you, Beanflicker! I'm Truncheon Man!"

    What a load of wank.
  8. As Gotham City sleeps Paraman surfs the skyline on his rollmat looking for Hatman and his youthful ward, RockApeMan, to give them a good shoeing.

    KingoMan, slips on his CamoJohnny and flies off to the pub, lubricating his special powers with Fosters.

    Meanwhile CrabMan zones in with his shopping trolley, with magic powers.
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  9. Who’s this? It’s Scaleytechman! Fighting injustice while locked in his heated ERV & gazing into a PC screen at pictures of naked ladies and reading stories about musclebound heroes rescuing pneumatic busted maidens from dragons while the steam from his tea mists the pebble-thick lenses of his spectacles.

    And there is Cavman. Having lost his parents in a bizarre tobogganing accident on the Cresta Run he was raised by a family of peacocks which explains his magnificent range of costumes. Dashingly handsome & effortlessly elegant he would probably make a bit of a bish out of his crimefighting exploits were it not for his trusty retainer and sidekick Troopsergeantman who sorts out the scrapes he gets into.
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  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    You must work in the same IT office as I do. Seems to be a standard interview question for developers these days: "you have 10 minutes to demonstrate your in depth knowledge of Marvel comics - bonus points for really obscure facts."

    The last 'build release' celebrationary outing led to me being the solitary dissenting voice from going to see "Avengers Assemble". Groan....

  11. I was minding my own business in a boozer once and i had the misfortune to be standing near some geeky students, who were talking extremely loudly. The topic of their coversation was which Marvel super hero was the hardest and who would win in an all out pagga. The discussion got quite heated.
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  12. You're a bit late, some of the papers tried to whip up some outrage weeks ago over this storyline. Gay characters aren't new Midnighter and Apollo appeared in the late 90's. DC has had openly Lesbian characters for ages too in the Question and Batwoman.
  13. Short conversation that, its the Hulk.
  14. Screw Marvel, Judges Hershey and Anderson in a Lezfest is what's needed....


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  15. Batman would totally own the Hulk :wink: