Adulterers get marching orders

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by flash_to_bang, Sep 4, 2002.

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  1. So, the pretty Lt off guns and roses and the troop staffie who was giving her the staff part have been booted out according to press reports-knew them both, won't miss them and we are well shot of them.  Well done the army about these rifles
  2. Falsh,

    u r the gossip queen - what is all this u r talking aboot man?

    p.s. get back in your boat.
  3. Excellent, now we can sleep safe on ops knowing that our other halves are not being turked, but that if some weasel low life does he will be endexed, no doubt following a top kicking.

    Nice one Army Board.
  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    For further info on this subject, see "Lonely Hearts" - Married Man Wants Another Women (sic).

    Adulterers are not well regarded by the Army Board; then again, neither are other sorts of sexual indiscretion - anyone remember the Shrivenhem Sauna episode?

    Want a career and a pension?  Then you best be chaste.  Trust me, I have recently been dealing with a WO2 dismissed without pension for playing around.
  5. He was only following orders guv!
  6. Given the current recruiting problems could we not perhaps start a breeding programme?  Seems we would have plenty of volunteers.
  7. Didn't the muppets involved in the Shriv episode get away with just a slap on the wrists because the prosecution's case fell apart? I seem to recall the case for rape was dropped because the woman's story didn't hold up to scrutiny and the main defendant was proved to be medically impotent and there wasn't enough evidence to prove the other defendants were anything other than a bunch of tw@ts.
  8. If the RMP were involved there is no surprise that the case fell apart.  ;D
  9. If a guy no matter what rank has an affair with someone that doesnt work with them or at their workplace what the fu** has it got to do with the army these things happen every day in civvie street and lets face it we spend thosands on these soldiers so why discharge them just coz thier peckers are on overdrive
  10. Hey, sorry, but am about to get on the high horse!  I thought we were all supposed to be professionals here?  Most female officers in the army are doing their level best to be regarded as equals to their male counterparts.  What they don't need is their lads seeing them as a potential sexual conquest.  Unfortunately, some female officers have let their own side down, and further more made themselves a laughing stock.  Shagging your blokes, is not on, especially when they are directly in the chain of command.

    If a male Pl Comd/Sgt was bonking his way around the troop (take a look at training Regts), they would be out the door.  The same harsh standards need to be applied to female officers/sncos.  

    If you want to shag the hired help, civvie street is the way ahead (please don't take this as me denigrating junior ranks by the way).

    Nuff said. :D
  11. I agree with you completely Spanner,

    The other aspect which appears to be over looked, especially at an ATR, is the following:

    An allegation of sexual harrasment or otherwise is thrown around by a disgruntled female recruit, which is later proved to be incorrect.

    Sadly the top level of the command element take no action acainst the accuser. I feel that they should be  dealt with accordingly, false accusations etc, this does not, sadly, appear to be the case.

    What the people involved in these situations fail to realise is the damage they do to the Unit / Team involved.

    Harrumph Harrumph (Rustling of Telegraph)
  12. CC, you are right!  Have seen this with my own eyes a few times.  One poisonous little wretch makes an accusation, and presto, a posting order for the alleged perpetrator, and a few days with the monkeys!  

    Trouble is that the Ph1/Ph2 system is riddled with inconsistencies and bureaucracy, which let our young trainees down.  Set a standard, maintain that standard, and then they will know exactly where they stand.  Give them an excuse to buck the system, and they will.  Human rights?  Who is paying them? We are? And after all, we are here to protect democracy, not practise it!

    Harumph too!
  13. Gentlemen, may I interject a little cool analysis here?

    I believe the basic premis that we all wish to be seen to be working from is:

    1. That the same rules apply to men and women equally - so I should never have had to bollock that female Cpl (who was professionally excellent) for sleeping with a number of men in her first few months..

    2. That it is not OK for officers to 'have sexual relationships with ORs under any circumstances' - so that 2Lt (male) shoud not have been quietly removed from my Regt for sleeping with a number of female ORs (oh, and promotoed to Lt on his arrival at his new unit) when a female offr from the same Regt was waiting to be court martialled for sleeping with the man she was engaged to (SSgt - single both, and unknown to anyone until they were discovered by unbelievable accident - said male Lt discovered when one of his cast offs compained to his OC)

    3. If woman soldier was proved to make a false allegation, she was not dealt with robustly - if it was provable in a court of law why was the unit so reluctant to take action? What possible consequence would they have suffered in a legal sense? If, in a court, she was proved to have lied, then the unit is in the right. They are either too frightened to pursue a morally legitimate case or they are too frightened to expose what else is going on in their unit.

    4. Will someone please explain to me why the cases involving female transgressions attract so much more attention than male transgressions, when all you boys want is equal treatment in the eys of the law? Or does that rule suddenly cease to have validation when it's a woman's sexual story on show for you all to salivate over?

    Guys, you can either have porn, or you can have justice - but you can't have both.
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    If this is the infamous sauna episode (upon which a tv drama starring Danielle Nardini was loosely based), I heard from a man wearing gorgets not long afterward that the officers in question, although acquited in court would be dealt with by other means... by which he intimated that they would have very unchoice postings until they resigned and that if that did not work, that their SSC's would not be converted to IRC's.  I got the impression that they would be no longer be serving by now.  He also said that the "specimen charge" for conduct unbecoming was "That an officer threw a cat against a wall."  A quite surreal court martial scenario!
  15. Did the cat make a complaint?

    Seriously though, in my brief and unhappy forray into phase 1 training we had  a whole number of false allegations made against instructors. S.O.Ps were instructor goes on suspension, and the SIB got called in.  Fortunately SIB definitley understood the "bobby" and would start the very first victim interview with words alonmg the lines of "Making false allegations is a very serious affair that may involve you going to Colchester if found guilty. IOf you are just looking to get out, work your ticket and don't waste our you still want to continue?"  Probably not terribly fair, but given the number of false allegations that were withdrawn at that point, it worked.    I don't recall what happened to the offenders, but I don't imagine their still collecting the Queen's shilling.

    On a more fun note:  who wants to lay claim to this:

    Irrate Cpl "There's been a lot of allegations made about me, and don't think I don't know who the alligators are!"