Adult: Sexual Content - Help Required

I can't imagine many members of this site will be able to resist this thread title :)

For those of you who don't know, google doesn't allow you to display adverts on pages that have content it decides is objectionable. Unsurprisingly one of the categories it uses to describe objectionable pages is "Adult:Sexual Content" . When it finds something it doesn't like then this gets flagged up to us and ads stop showing on that page. If you don't do anything about it then there is the risk they'll stop showing them on the entire site.

Google is also one of the better paying advert networks so keeping them happy is something we're keen to do. That is why we don't show google ads in places like the Naafi Bar which are full of threads containing "Adult:Sexual Content" and other things google doesn't like.

Despite our best efforts google does pick up on threads/pages in other parts of the site. Normally it is fairly easy to identify what the issue is and remove the offending post or picture. Cue much google happiness!

Anyway, for the last couple of weeks, google has been flagging up this thread/page (Dedicated Russian Thread) as containing Adult:Sexual Content. I'm absolutely stumped as to what that might be - any thoughts?
Just looking at the title of the thread I find it surprising that any arrser needs help in finding adult sexual content.
It might just be that St Petersburg has taken a dislike to that particular thread and is pinging complaints to Google.
Could it be that Google is picking up on "Russian" and linking that to "Russian Brides" or some such dodgy website? The way that Google searches seem to work is that two words, albeit separate, anywhere on the page will return a hit.


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Usernames and avatars? Names like @rampant <snigger> might be just enough to tip the Google scales if there is something welse they tag on to?
I use the Username "Bollotom" on some other sites and in the past it has been flagged up as erring towards a swear word as in "Bollox", yet it was just my name and the name of my office building. I think swear filters have advanced since then, but Google really do need to get a grip on censorship and ensure the "Adult content" is exactly that and not some passing reference. Might be enough folk move to other search engines that Google suffers but that's their business model. :cool:
.......awwww and I've just got some more genuine, certainly not photoshopped photos of vlad the impotent and Trump engaging in some Graeco-Roman least I think that's what they're doing.........YarS seems to like that kind of thing
I wonder if they use the UK government guidelines which for sexual content, include 'esoteric' content which seems to be things that someone has decided they don't like

Like someone I knew has some Wican site that was getting blocked, no nudity or adult posts triggering it, it was literally being labelled as esoteric content and being effectively labelled as porn

Ok that was government web filters deciding that they should be blocked and triggering ISPs to block it, but I wonder if the same principle applies to advertisers

Could it be something in the content triggering this that isn't strictly of an adult nature at all ?
Can't you just play the "gay rights" card which appears to be so fashionable in the "modern" Army.
The interesting thing is, thread content is broadly the same across all the Arrse fora. Current Affairs and Int Cell might be toned down a bit, but slightly risque memes, photos, weblinks, slang, usernames and abuse pop up everywhere. There seems no reason why an automated adult theme filter should differentiate between any of the Arrse threads.
It seems to be generally tolerant and good at ignoring stuff but will flag up threads consisting entirely of semi-naked women. That is why I'm so puzzled that it has a bag on with the Russian thread


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Vladimir Vladimrovic is pissed off with Arrse so is getting his team to hijack the Arrse Russia pages for flagging up by Google!
It seems to be generally tolerant and good at ignoring stuff but will flag up threads consisting entirely of semi-naked women. That is why I'm so puzzled that it has a bag on with the Russian thread
BDSM is mentioned. #1037. Dunno tbh, it’s not normally that bad imo.

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