Adult recruit party 09/1/5 Gib Barracks 1990 Royal Engineers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mal897, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Hi im looking for members of 90/1/5 Adult recruit party Gib Barracks 1990. Im looking for a copy of the training video that was produced for our troop. I have the pass off parade video so if anyone wants a copy of that get in touch. Im looking for the video of us through our training any help appriciated. Also looking for any old members from then.

    Take care all.

  2. When abouts were you there in 1990 Mal,
    I was there Oct 1990 can't remember what training party I was though got a vid of that some where
  3. Meh!


  4. Tsk! I thought this was a thread about wife swapping and dogging at Gib. Remember the telephone operators there? They would have been more at home sitting with their knitting around a guillotine!

    Anyway, if the video is IS about wife swapping and dogging, please send me a copy. Thanks.
  5. Sprogs!!

    Cove - 1965 - Videos had not been invented - mmm..27 sqn ( I think) green shoulder tabs (I think) ...anyone around?
  6. Old scrote, '65 was when I was born!
  7. Yep in the mob 65 - 88 = 23yrs, Civvi 88 - present =23 Yrs, so know as much now about both :)

    and I object to the "old"!!
  8. I was 90/1/5 but sadly I don't have either of the vids. Would like a copy of the pass off though if the offer is still there.