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Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice for my girlfriend. She is a qualified nurse with 3 years TA experience (medical) aged 22. She spent several years in the army cadets as a teenager before going to uni to do her training.

She is interested in becoming an adult instructor as she enjoyed her own experience in the cadets so much.

I presume she would be welcomed to the acf, but at her age would she be able to be commissioned?
Sorry, another quick question! As well as wondering if it would be possible for her to get a commission on entry, can I check the best way for her to approach joining (as she is currently in the TA and plans to leave.)

Would it be best to leave the TA and just apply directly to local ACF, or would it be better to approach PSI from her unit and discuss being transferred accross to work with ACF (and apply for B type commission.)
No problems with the age as far as I know. The TA and the ACF don't normally work in conjunction with each other so apart from informing her PSI about her intentions (common courtesy) I don't see why she shouldn't just apply directly to the County. She might want to go down to a couple of parade nights just to make sure it is definatly what she wants to do though. She will probably be appointed an Under Officer and then go on to do her TCB. I know a couple of years ago ACF candidates did the full TCB although I did hear this was changing because there is a difference in what the TA wants from an officer and what the ACF want (TA officers may be deployed, the shi'ite would really have to hit the fan if the ACF are being deployed!). Hope this helps.
quick on on this guys, an AI mate of mine's partner is thinkin about coming back as an adult, she is fully qual in nursing also, and he believes she will come in ranked as a captain, make of this what you will.
Came across a similar question many years ago when I was both an instructor for the cadets and served in the TA. The problem arises if you hold a commission and a recognised rank in another service. As a non commissioned instructor in the cadets you are still classed as a civilian in uniform (no MoD ID card or service number) but if you hold a commission regardless of service or type it is a commission.
You can not have two service numbers or ranks.
Instructor cadets & non commission or commission TA OK.
Commission cadets & non commission or commission TA not OK.

Things may have changed though; it was in the mid ‘80s.

There is no reason why you can’t work with the cadets using your TA appointment, with you CO’s approval.
A nurse would not be given an immediate Commission, however a doctor would (in the rank of Captain).

For anyone other than those already Commissioned, Doctors and Chaplains must complete an ITC and be appointed SI before applying.
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