Adult instructor cadet relationship

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Stefftoofar, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. It has come to the attention of some of the instructors in a ACF county I am involved with that a cadet was involved in a relationship with a adult instructor

    However after complaints being made by a couple of instructors to a county level it appears that is being swept under the rug as the cadet was male and the instructor female and complaining instructors were advised to “keep it shut”

    whilst they were both over the age of consent i cant help but see this as a missive infringement on a position of trust and we all must be aware of what would be said if it was the other way round

    Your thoughts and opinions on this please and also advice on were to go after county level
  2. Any pictures?
  3. So the cadet knocked you back and you decided to come on here and complain? :)
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  4. It's certainly unethical, and contrary to goodness knows how many laws, rules and regulations, but why does it bother you?

    That's not a rhetorical question ... you obviously that something should be done, and presumably not just because it's "against the rules."
  5. Have I stumbled into a newly re-named NAFFI ?

    I can't advise you but would the jokers feel the same if it were man/boy or man/girl and the youth was their child ?

    It is a serious breech of trust as between a teacher and pupil in a high school.

    Call Social Services or some organisation like that.

    Good luck and don't walk away from this.

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  6. I think that as a newer member of the ACF I should be worried what kind of a unit I have got my self in to when 2 of what seem to be well respected time served instructors are making reputable complaints and are told to keep it quiet

    I wouldn’t like this kind of goings on with my kids
  7. Has the woman been dismissed? That's the very least I would expect in those circumstances.
  8. its u aint it.
  9. I just clicked on your Jealous. Tut tut
  10. From my very dim memories of things cadet (like, more than 30 years ago dim) I seem to remember Frimley Park being the national HQ, and hence the place to turn to if County HQ aren't willing to do anything. But it is worth thinking about whether you'll do more harm than good to the cadet by making this a formal issue. That the AI is out of order is beyond discussion, but whether it's worth causing the lad grief to zap her is the question.
  11. Report it, no questions asked. If County aren't willing to do anything go higher.
  12. ******* good on him
  13. Did you fancy poking her on camp then get jealous because she was getting smashed by a cadet?


    But it should be raised at county again and make sure it's followed up. Problem is, it's one word against another. If the cadet doesn't have an issue with it, and the AI doesn't, there's not much that can be done - they'll both just deny all knowledge and she'll claim it's a malicious attempt to get rid of her.

    That said, the age of consent changes between a minor and somebody who is held in a position of trust. AIs should likely come in this bracket - acting as the kids carers during camp times - and thus the minimum age is raised to 18. If the cadet is sub-18, then a crime has been committed. But once again, not much can be done if neither party raises a complaint.
  14. Their respective ages are irrelevant, This is a position of trust thing, She is abusing that position and as such the county heirachy should take some action.

    Your Commandant and CEO have responsiblilty for these issues if they are unwilling to do anything about it then you must go higher.

    We cannot as an organisations set any sort of precedent that it is ok for an instructor to have any sort of relationship with a cadet, one has to leave then it will essentially be ok providing that there relationship is "legal"
  15. Thoroughly agree with the posters above in terms of abuse of position of trust, but still can't help thinking: