Adult/cadet training parity

Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Just a question to satisfy my curiosity. What level of training for new CFAV's is the equivalent to 4star? I have heard some say ITC some AI and some KGVI. Does anyone know?
  2. Look at it this way...if you think 4 Star is equal to writing RASP's and EASP's and setting up pryotechnics etc as you do on your it out...if anything..ITC
  3. The SCIC (part of 4 star (?)) has similarities with both the AITC and the AI course KGVI doesnt have a Cadet comparision as such, but then the Master Cadet and Cadet Leadership Courses dont have an adult comaprision.
  4. ITC = SCIC
    Master Cadet= AI's
  5. Thats as close as it gets
  6. Thanks for the answers. Emptyeye, thankyou. Next time I'll put my brain fully into gear before asking questions to ensure they aren't totally bone.
  7. for most part our training is up to 2 star and part 3 star, the rest is done by the regular Soldiers of the Cadet Training Team and Frimley.

    the main part of our training is MOI, our aim is to transfer knowledge in a way that the Cadets can absorb it without being overloaded and recognise Cadets that need extra help.

    if you have been a master cadet etc whatever , great you got the knowledge, being taught is a bit different from teaching, all ex Cadets have to go through an basic AI course and ITC.
  8. 4 star or MC can be exempt from ITC if Comdt sign's you off
  9. All adults should do ITC if ex reg senior ranks have to do it then I am sure a 4 Star cadet should (the only exemption I have seen is a Senior rank leaving a CTT and becoming an AI)

    And as for the equivalence of cadet and adult courses, then the only equivalence is the content, I have yet to see a cadet of any qualification sign off on other cadets training let alone plan that training in a coherent manner so as to deliver cadets to the next camp or assessment day having been trained to the required level.

    Neither have I seen cadets of any qualification level take on Loco Parentis for other cadets (although I concede that it is the appointment as AI that allows this not qualification).

  10. I'm in total agreement with zippy on this one.

    Content maybe similar but that's all.

    As for 4 Star/MC not doing ITC, they're sometimes the ones that need it the most. Alot of them still need to grow up and mature.

    Having said that, I think most of us still need the growing up part. Some of the petty arguements between staff are worse than cadets.
  11. A cadet who has passed FAW and SCIC can sign off YLS+ and LS+ quals (or whatever they're being called now) for other cadets.
  12. Look I don't make the rules , comdt can exempt you from ITC end of story
  13. I was referring to content in the first place
  14. commandant excempted me ...........not really 100 % on guidlines I think they vary county to county.......
  15. lots of Counties do vary a LOT in how they do things, its down to who is charge and how they like to play it.