Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nik_kershaw, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Just seen my pay statement and see that I have a deduction of 5 pounds for ADT. What is it and is it catching?
  2. Army Dependants Trust - £5.00 per year up to £10000.00 cover pays out within 48hrs(normally) well worth the premium - in my personal opinion (not a registered financial advisor, etc)
  3. Is this something that gets done automatically, or did I sign up for this in a particularly sleepy point during phase 1 as i have recolection of that event officer!!

  4. You must have signed a form at some point as this authority is needed to take the premium from your pay!! If you wish to cancel (which in my personal opinion is not a good idea - although I'm not a qualified financial advisor, etc) all you need to do is complete a form in your RAO (Office not Officer!!)
  5. Cheers makes it clearer, just can't remember doing it.
  6. Can NRPS sign up to ADT?
  7. Yes - your RAO should have stuck the form under your nose when you first joined NRPS. There is also a policy available via, I think, RFCA, that cover NRPS for off duty death/injury at a nominal premium, if not already in this speak to your RAO who should be able to advise!
  8. Cheers Paywog, have already got the NRPS Insurance from RFCA and will chase the Pay Office when I return to work. The problem I have is that they are civvies and have no idea about NRPS!
  9. If you subscribe to ADT I would advise that you get it Covernented (will then show on your Pay Statement as ADTC), this is at no further cost to you and it facilitates ADT claiming the tax back.
  10. Although I thought I had done that, I don't think my payslip shows that - and I wasn't aware of that information! Thanks, I will check.

    It might not be worth much to the fund, but it is such a bargain that any little sum will help them keep up the good work.

    I repeat Paywog's recommendation: ADT is a fabulous, really cheap insurance for your nearest and dearest and you should have it!