Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smudgersmith, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. I am looking for a posting to the land of LOA and cheap beer! I Have been told that Herford is the place to go, so was wondering if you ARRSERS could provide some info.

    1. What is the Standard of the SLA
    2. Current and future deployments for the unit.
    3. Facilities within the camp and local community
    4. General comments on the Moral and ethos of the unit.

    Any info supplied would be much appreiciated.


  2. It's almost certainly the most "backward" unit in Germany from a technological point of view. I deployed with Div on Telic and found them to be an extremely profficient and proffesional unit, albeit ran by the biggest spanker ever to wear the Jimmy. The badge at the time was a friend of mine and ow e didn't shoot him still amazes me. NWST that - a good unit.
  3. had some good times there, unit is about to do some hardcore shifting about of some of the roles, with 211 taking over all the armour. god knows what will happen to 212, rumours are that they will become a static headquaters. 201 should remain the same though.

    SLA: has had the corridoors painted.... ablutions took a back seat and have been broken for a good while now. block ncos chase up frequently to no avail

    both armour squadrons have just deployed recently, with the wheely sqn deploying before them. quite a few chances for deploying on loan to other units

    camp facilities are standard. families naffi not too far away either.

    morale, tricky. hard to guess, id say its in the middle. no one really hates the place but no one really likes it either. the last 10 people to leave have said thier new unit was trumpet toffee compaired to div. hard to believe myself but hey!

  4. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    1 div is awesome. I wish I was there now :cry:

    Get yourself there why you can. If you go to Div and do well it will be a good tick in the box for your profile.

    Camp is good. SOme great running routes. Town is ace and there is a good infrastructure on the camp. Good support for families too. THe lads dont live in too much of a sqaulor. I have seen a heck of a lot worse. I never had a gripe from soldiers about accomodation in all my time I was there. Except the odd shower breaking down here and there....notmal stuff really.

    I loved it so much in Herford I am flying back this weekend specifically to go on the pop on Heford. Go-parc here I come!!!!

    You won't regret your time at Herford if you go there. Do it!!
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    oh and get yourself to 201 if you can. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  6. Never thought id hear of people volunteering for a div sigs,was always told they were punishment posting - certainly 1 div sigs in 1973 was - worst place on God's earth - apart from 2 Div and 4 Div - the times they are obiously a'changing.
  7. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Was at herford 89-94 and it was a cracking time. First unit and great opportunity to learn the ropes. Great AT, cracking on the piss and a top bunch of lads. Definatley some of the best years I have had in the Army. (Wouldn't go back again though) :wink:
  8. I was at 1 div 97 - 2000, started in 208 sqn then went to 201 after it was disbanded. Without a doubt the finest 3 years of my carreer. accom was great, night life fantastic, (is pig ally still there !!!) and the running and training routes there in and out of camp are second to none.

    also with the px's couple hours drive away, and europe at your beck and call, its definately worth a visit.

    well thats my 2 pennys worth !

    hope it helps
  9. 10 euros says you never lived in the block. :D

    accom is good compaired to most iv been in. my flat currently has 1 out of 2 showers working and 2 out of 5 sinks working. 1 toilet working and no urinals working

    between 18 blokes thats pretty bad... reported to chain of command enough times to learn that new paint in the corridor comes first or we dont have enough money.

    it is still being chased up.

  10. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    I'll have 10 Euros please! :lol: :lol: I'll collect it tonight!!

    That does sound like you have a crap block. There are two ways I would approach it:

    1) Go and speak to you Tp OC. If he is worth his pips, he should be fighting your corner with this one. He can flag it up at prayers to the 2IC who can badger the QM(A) (he's a good bloke if it is still the inf jock). I used to call the QM(A) and RQMS(A) on a regular basis when my chaps were having dramas.

    2) Who is the block NCO? I take it all the faults are logged in the block damage book? WHy is he not banging his tabs in to the RQMS(A) on a dailiy/weekly basis with the book asking for regular updates???

    I'm not excusing the delays in accn repair at all. THere are ways of getting it sorted, just remember to be polite about it and not rant or rave or you will pee people off.

    Sometimes you need to help yourselves rather than wait for it to happen. Let me know how you get on. Good Luck. See you in Georges!!
  11. Thanks to all of you that have replied to my question, I am putting in the PPP on Monday so hopefully will be of there soon.


  12. i was the flat nco! it got flagged up by me twice in the month i did the job before i got deployed, but before that, my predecessor had flagged it up on most months to be told it was "on the list" and for fear of not going over anyones heads... thats as far as it got.

    both tp OCs was never there! (ill bet you have already sussed my sqn and tp by now!!)

    ill see you in georges soon enough! got some mosquitos need swatting!!
  13. Smudge,
    What trade are u? I need a replacement as I am trying to get out of the place. Nitelife is fantastic, bit boring at the min
  14. Just joined this site but have to pick up The Guru about Telic 1 - it was the Badge who was a complete scrote not the other way round! I knew him well but the difference when he was replaced was awesome. No grip and interested in all the wrong things. Better as an RQ.
  15. Just joined this site but have to pick up The Guru about Telic 1 - it was the Badge who was a complete scrote not the other way round! I knew him well but the difference when he was replaced was awesome. No grip and interested in all the wrong things. Better as an RQ.