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Ok I need some help with trying to get into the TA.

I was told last night (28/05/09) that my appeal to get into the TA has been rejected again due to the same medical grounds as the first time.

I was never downgraded or medically discharged for any of the reasons given for my rejection to military service. In fact I managed a tour of Afghanistan in my final 12 months with a infantry unit.

My GP gave me a full bill of health on the RG8. This was needed as when I left the Army (graded P2-FE) in April 2008 the final medical was done on a RAF camp and not entered in my med doc's as a PULHHEEM just a medical.

When the first rejection came back in March, I was told that I had to write a letter giving the recruitment officer authority to see my med doc's. Once they were in I would have to get another RG8 form filled in by my GP, but this time with more details as to the areas given on the rejection letter. This would then be sent back to ADSR with a covering letter from the CO of the unit saying that he is willing to take me even with the history.

As far as I am aware this hasn't been done, I know my med doc's have arrived at the TA unit but no letter has been issued by the GP nor have the unit asked me to come collect them, But I have been rejected again.

I'm want to do the same job as i was when in the reg's (VM B class one)

Does anyone know if there is anything else I can do?
*bump* doesn't this kinda open the MOD up to a compo claim? fit enough to serve but not rejoin? Bizarre.
Inside the box thinking mate, no one thinks out of it, as far as recruiting goes, fair enough its a busy time, so all you can do is Soldier on and keep trying. Imo this sort of thing needs addressed, needs a separate section to accommodate this kind of issue and other Medical issues, God knows how many Fit people are sliding by the wayside. People who want to serve.
Ok I managed to finally get hold of the recruitment officer (scarlet pimpernel springs to mind).
He has said if I can get more evidence together then he'll try for a 2nd appeal.

what's going to be the best sort of stuff to present? or do I just present more paperwork than they know what to do with?
So I finally managed to get a copy of the last 2 years of my medical file which states plainly that i was discharged as P2FE, its just the crap sod in the admin office never entered it into my file as a PULHEMMS (nice work there dumb ass) only as a final medical. Although I did have a PULHEMMS entered in Nov 07 stating I was P2FE (Which everyone seems to be over looking).

I also got my "Red book" paperwork which states that I am on a reserve liability until 20 blah blah (Makes me think that they have me as fully fit).

I took the medical stuff to my GP who read it and examined me again, and then wrote a letter stating the fact that in his professional opinion I was fully fit.

I sent all this off with a covering letter explaining everything (including the fact they have me diagnosed with something I never was) back to ADSR Glencourse (through the recruitment officer of the unit).

Big shocker though found out the other week that ADSR Glencourse has again refused me entry stating that in there opinion I didn't give enough evidence that I was fit enough to even get to go to a selection medical. If I want to appeal again I now have to go to SO1 Occupational Health.

I have spoken to my local MP (The nice Mr Darling MP) who is going to write to the MOD on my behalf although not sure what that will achieve.

I have also spoken to the DEME-A, TA recruitment office but there not too sure about what they can do.

What I'm asking is -

What else can I do to get in?
ie: what evidence, people to see/speak to


Do I say Bollo*ks to it and take it to the pensions lot.
Check this out,

TA Regulations

Chapter 5 - Terms of Service of Soldiers

5.072. Medical Boards. A full medical board, conducted under the terms of
PULHEEMS Administrative Pamphlet 2000, Appendix 4, and requested through the President of Permanent
Standing Medical Boards (SMB), is to be held on all applicants who are in receipt of a disability pension of 20 per cent
or more, from whatever source, or who were discharged from former service on medical grounds.
a. All previous medical documents are to be made available to the board who, after completion, are to record their
finding on F Med 19 and then forward documents and findings to the convening officer for approval.
b. On completion of the medical examination or board, as the case may be, all medical documents and AFB203 are
to be passed to the Comd Med at Div/Dist HQ for a ruling. If an applicant is accepted for service, the unit is
then to submit the documents, with the other enlistment documents, to the officer in charge of TA & Res MCM
Div for approval.
5.073. Below Medical Standard.
a. Applicants who on examination do not conform to the medical standards laid down in para 5.068 and 5.070 may be treated as special enlistments provided that they are fit to undergo training and that service will not cause any disability. Details of proposed employment, medical documents and AF B 203 and the reason for wishing to enlist the soldier in spite of low medical category are to be submitted to the Comd Med at Div/Dist HQ for a ruling. If an applicant is accepted for service, documents are to be disposed as in sub para 5.072b.
b. Should the Comd Med recommend acceptance, he is to endorse F Med 1 and F Med 19 ‘Special enlistment’ and note any employing restrictions.

It should strengthen your appeal

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