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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by zippy_07, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all new to the forum, quick question, Ive got my selection coming up (6 september) and im hopfully joining the rifles.
    In my interview im going to be askd what 3 job choices ive made, what job choices are theyre within the rifles? isit sniper and mortars etc?

    all posts apreciated :D
  2. Im sure job choices meant what 3 regiments you chose. Might be wrong though
  3. As said, three cap badge choices but, as you've indicated a desire to join the Rifles, given the state of Infantry manning at present, you'll be a shoo-in; given that you meet the selection criteria (and before any smart arrser says it, thats more than pulse, respiration and REM).
    Even though you've "upped" for the Rifles, it might be worth your while listening to what else is on offer (unless it involves an interview with Mr Wobbly in the broom cupboard) :twisted: .
  4. Your 3 Job Choices are from the list of jobs given to you when sat your BARB test. I take it you ignored this? You can request printed Job Briefs from your AFCO/ACIO for the other jobs that are open to you. You need to look seriously at these - there may be something else in there that you may be more suited to (not to sway you away from a great career in the RIFLES).

    Sniper & Mortars are not job choices. They are career paths within the Inf job choices - a different thing all together.
  5. What if you don't like Michael Stipe?
  6. ok cheers by the way when i did my BARB i was not givin 3 job choices i was just askd what i wanted to do? ok cheers anyway

    Another q ive got to do the excercise spirometry test due to having asthma when i was younger, im fairly fit and dont weeze etc im trying to cut down on the cancer sticks and the beer im thinking these two will be my only downfall but ive cut them both right down so i should be ok on this. Anyone got any other tips for the test?

  7. Well, given that he's gay, all you're doing is making yourself a recruit from a suitably diverse, different yet respected member of society. There are a lot of alternatives but I'd suggest not listing freddy Mercury as necrophilia is not yet a recriting tool.
  8. whos gay?
  9. Cut the beer completely now until selection, and try and lose the deathsticks sharpish - I quit them and cut alcohol down to a few on Friday or Saturday prior to selection and I really noticed the difference in my overall fitness. Don't worry just bite the bullet and go cold turkey, it will be a great test of your motivation to join... :twisted:

    Seriously, quit the cigs and cut the booze down and you will be much better for it.

    Editted for spelling, but also: You said that you weren't given job choices. Does this mean you performed poorly on your BARB test and therefore score only for infantry (your spelling ability suggests otherwise), or that you did well enough to have any career open to you? If it's the latter, have a gander at the Army Jobs website for different options. If you're a warry bloke, choose two Infantry regiments and an Armoured regiment (for instance).
  10. Ooops! Raw nerve? Michael Stipe is gay. Do try and keep up. (Necessary in the Infantry BTW.)
  11. whos micheal stripe never heard of him u seem to know alot about him know haha he might of been a bit before my time perhaps?
  12. Well, well before your time I'm sure. Know a lot? No, not really. Can't be arrsed to bite. To return to your original post, good luck.... and do try and keep up :D
  13. right thanks goon apreciated :D