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  1. i was just wondering what you do there ,like how many press up and other things you do
  2. ADSC?? if you mean adsc (selection) then use the search facility in the top right....speak to your recruiting sgt.....1.5 mile run......
  3. + when you get your adsc date you get a big booklet with everything you need to know.....pull ups (heaves)
  4. ADSL? Must've missed the broadband section of the application form entirely...

  5. hahahaha
  6. Can anyone inform me on where they do adsc? Can i get a site to search places?

    I live in Westbury, Wiltshire at the moment and have a camp in westbury and Warminster.

    Also do they do basic training around here?

  7. ADSC....you will be sent where the recruiting office sends you but all your travel is paid and your not allowed to drive even if you can (i wasnt, i did mine in Glencorse, Scotland)

    your basic will depend on what trade you want to do....!?
  8. Glencourse, Litchfield and Pirbright.
  9. Minus Litchfield which has now officially closed down as a training unit!!

    Edited for mong spelling!!
  10. So where has the ITGIS school gone?
  11. And do not forget to ring 0800 800 150 if you fail selection.
  12. Yes, Geordie. I'm sure the lovely folks over at BT would be more than willing to help out with your appeal ;)
  13. So you have to go all the way to Surrey from Wiltshire to do ADSC, even though Wiltshire is one of the main Army areas?
  14. Bugger :D As long as the Army are paying for it. Ahhh, the remainders of my student life are dying hard.