I done my Selection Interview today, and i also got told to revise for the regiment that i had chosen. So theres me with all my info; on the paras, and he didn't even ask me a single thing about them. pff

Anyway, Within the next week, to 10 days, i will get my dates for ADSC.

I just want a bit of insight information from anyone here, he didn't really explain much about it to me, and i know little about it.

Also, is 1.5 in 8:14 good? would this settle me in at the ADSC, what else would i have to max out.
8:15 is amazing mate. Im running 10:45 atm.. Im pretty proud of that, wanna get it down tho!

Im in the same position as you at the moment tho, awaiting a date :) Really excited, but at the same time nervous! Did your recruiter not give you a DVD about selection?
No, i watched the DVD at the AFCO.

I also spoke to my grandads, gfs, son today, he said ADSC is fine, should pass with no probs. He didn't even do his full medical. Yet still passed.

But be careful, he said some people got sent home because of earwax :S.

nayweiser i might be on the same adsc as you.
Yeh i've heard of people getting sent home because of that. I've been using earwax softener recently lol, might be goin to the doctors in the next week just to make sure i'm fine. Don't want to be sent home because of something so simple!

Let us know your date when you know it mate..


KERLEY said:
i also got told to revise for the regiment that i had chosen.
By whom?
Just had my date for selection, 19th August. Absolutely wounded/pissed off because i'm on holiday. Told my recruiter this but its just been disregarded.. Now i may have to wait until september! So guttered..
ckinki said:
Nayweiser said:
I think im at pirbright yeh, find out for sure on friday :D
So were you at Pirbright? Did you pass?

I thoroughly enjoyed it, passed though my body aches like sh*t :)

nice one pal! :D

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