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  1. TheSparky

    TheSparky Clanker

    Im quite new to this site so hi everyone. Ok ive got a date for selection, and quite confident i will pass. But i know that on the 3 hour train journey i will become nervous, because of the lack of something to do. So Can all of you who know tell me what you know, like if the machines you use are harder or less hard then normal press ups, sit ups and heaves. Oh and any tips on what to keep myself occupied on the journey as well. Thx
  2. freshage

    freshage Clanker

    ummm, im about to find out tomorrow mate when i go, but i dont have any idea about the machines. my reccomendation will be do what you can.

    as for the journey... you got 2 thumbs, twiddle away
  3. SantaSpud

    SantaSpud War Hero

    Try taking a book or magazine or something like that to take your mind of it and a bottle of water always helps too. Good Luck :)
  4. Goony

    Goony Swinger

    Dont get worried about it mate its should be a breeze if you have prepared for it. The PSSRs/strength machines can be difficult, but there are only 3, put you're best effort and you should be fine. They are just to test the strength of you're back and upper body. The heaves can be quite difficult as you have to lock you're arms before coming back up. Aim to be doing 7-10 heaves and you'll do fine.
    As for the train journey practice the ice breaker in you're head till you can say it condidently.

    Best of luck.
  5. Cognitive

    Cognitive Clanker

    I have selection this Thursday. Whether they're harder or not is not an issue, in all honesty. You're this close so all you need to do is go and do your very best (and more if you can) and hope you pass.
    As for the train - take something to read, bring a Maths revision book for example if you have your TST. Practice what you're going to say (in your head, not out loud...) in the icebreaker. Go over your job choices so you are confident you know them inside out like you should. There are lots of things you can do. Good luck!
  6. kurt_ruby

    kurt_ruby Old-Salt

    If your train journey was anything like mine you would sleep on the train (up at half 4 in the morning to catch the 5.30 train to london.
  7. Mr.Bojangles

    Mr.Bojangles Old-Salt

    Just take all your Army notes/Job Briefs/Information booklets etc. And get to know it, as you will find out when you get there the Final Interview is the part where you really have to sell yourself. And if your fine with taking your ipod or something take that , most of all though Enjoy Selection, and don't worry about it like I Did, because it is a breeze. :p
  8. TheSparky

    TheSparky Clanker

    Ok Thanks for the advice. Oh and as you reminded me is the TST about the same difficulity as the BST.
  9. Goony

    Goony Swinger

    Easier tbh. 45 questions, multiple choice. And you get a calculator.
  10. Yarco

    Yarco Clanker

    just remember you only get 4 minutes to complete it, so dont spend to long on each question.

    Like said before its multiple choice, so if you run out of time and dont manage to get all the way through, dont be a plum and leave them un-answered!....