Hi, I got my date for ADSC a few weeks back. Just looking through it i've realised that I haven't rang the ACO to confirm this. I spoke to my recruiter before he sent out the details and I told him the date would be fine. Should I still ring the office up?
I would say give him a call just to put your mind at rest.
Do ring the ACIO, your recruiter will just confirm that the date hasn't changed and make sure you know whats expected of you etc.
adams08 said:
cJester said:
Hey, what date did you get? I've got mine the 17th of Jan.
Is that at lichfield? Cuz i've got mine 15th apparently. Hope it hasnt been changed.... :?
They run the courses in close successon so don't worry about that, everyone else from my ACIO went the day before me which I thought would suck, but in the end you get to now the guys your going through it with anyway so you don't notice. Keep your mouth shut and listen to what the instructors say, and make sure you spend some time in the morning getting your bed space just perfect.

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