Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spiny08, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi im going to glencourse tommorow im really nervous. Has anyone got any last minute reminders? and is anyone else on here attending?
    cheers spiny
  2. Just relax, Be Friendly.

    But: Keep your head down and ears open.
  3. only pointers I can give ya is don't back chat the Cpl's and make yourself known on the team tasks/interview, people failed the final interview when I was at ADSC for being too quite or not researching their jobs thoroughly, this includes the 2nd and 3rd job choices. Best of luck mate if you've prepared well you'll do well.

  4. Didnt get asked anything about my jobs apart from my first choice also in the interview the interviewing officer did all the talking I hardly spoke, not because I was nervous or scared because he wouldnt give me a chance lol, so I was pooing myself for an hour waiting to go in there when all I had to do was sit there while he read out my run times, strength tests etc.

    Only advice I could give you is deffinatley make yourself heard in the team tasks and dont eat shiT loads of food before the 1.5mile run.
  5. i just passed selection on friday! im still aching! just make sure:

    1. dont mix with the wrong ones who take the p**s
    2. keep smilin
    3. listen to everythin
    4. 100% effort in the run! dont stop its an instant fail!
    5. loudest team in the team tasks!

    most important one is have fun! i did was great....its really windy and cold but grit ure teeth its worth it when you get told you passed!

    good'll be fine!!!

  6. you all make it sound easy, cheers, ill let you know how i got on.
  7. they fail you for that? :? 8O
  8. fail u for what?
  9. oh sry..

    i meant they fail you if ur a bit quite or sumit... bit stupid
  10. when you have not found out about the jobs you want to do but i only have a 1st and 2nd choice because he said that i wont need a 3rd choice.
  11. just covering what everyone said just in case your job is unavailable is why you need to have choices. all you need is a basic understanding of your choices. good pointer listen carefully in the ice breakers some people may not give enough info on there choice when i went there the crpl then asked them it, take note what they ask is sort of info you need to have for your choice.
    team task is for them to seeyour mental side they expect to see effort,enthusiasm,vocal,urgency good luck
  12. haha I beg to differ on that mate! I had bacon/sausage/beans sandwich (fried bread) before the run, drank and **** load of water, everyone was just like staring at me, going "yeah we'll see if that comes back up in an hour", it didn't, I laughed. =] As for the Interview, I didn't say shit in there either, the Officer done all of the talking, however there is more than one Officer doing the Interviews, I obviously had a good one, but others failed their final interviews on my dates..........