Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by icemann, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. anybody attending pirbright 5th dec
  2. Yes i am. I'm going to be your instructor. Make sure you shave your bottom before you get there.
  3. haha im back from deffer for heart mur.
    ready for a second grilling
  4. I like to 'grill' young boys. :)
  5. do you really haha whaty about corporal barnes
  6. i will be but ill be in day 2 off basic training...... how fun.....
  7. Corporal Barnes helps me groom youngsters like you. Could you give me your beret size so i can have the gimp mask tailored?
  8. good to know you heard the name i havent got a clue just seeing if you were the instructor good one

    I can see the headlines now... :lol: :lol:
  10. Fallschirmjager, you are sick, im going to report them 2 posts.
  11. Dont worry Ive reported him to the Colchester Police for setting up an OP and spying on my married quarter and sending naked photos of himself to all us HATS out there. Fallschirmjager I suggest you take the photos in a warmer climate next time :wink:

    Maybe a little bit inappropiate in the training wing Falls, but realise your only trying to build Lofty up for the traditional RA gunbunny greasing of the gun initiation after he leaves Larkhill.
  12. oof I'm off to the ADSC Lichfield in the morning.. shatting it. I pray to God I pass.
  13. Im off to pirbright on the 4th December (tuesday) :D Passed my Interview today.
  14. havent clue who you are but il prob bump into wednesday haha good luck to ya self