Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TomSmytheUK, Feb 22, 2007.

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    I have selection coming up in 10 days. When I am there I need to do a 'spyro monitary test'?. What exactly is this? My medical was sent back to my recruiter and he said i have had asthma before. I have never had a problem with this and to be honest I dont even know what it is. Will i be ok?


    What exactly will get you deffered reguarding dental?
  2. Spirometery

    similar to a peak flow meter (blow in the tube) - but a bigger machine which calculates your lung function

    deferred because of dental problems

    go see a dentist, or use a toothbrush and toothpaste once in a while
  3. I havent been deffered because of dental problems. I have a crown fitted and a chip in my front tooth from a golfing accident. lol.
  4. then thats not a great problem then - simple cosmetic work for the fang-farrier to sort
  5. Ok, I have an appointment monday with my dentist. I will get him to fill in the chip then I will be sorted?

    Thanks for your help
  6. i had this problem when i joined the regs, they said i had asthma when i had hayfever the day after i did my fitness test and past with flying colours, i appiled against the army and had to go hospital to breath chemicals for 2 hours, turned out i breathed better than normal, i was anoyed cause this backlagged me 6 months.
    i just joined the TA and they to are asking for proof, even though i was cleared 2005 but thats how the army is.
  7. Tom RE the 'spyro monitary test'

    I have been pulled up because of this. All it means is when you go to ADSC as part of your medical on the first day you will have to run on a treadmill with a mask on and things attached to your chest to check your lung capacity and heart rate etc.
  8. How long will I run fot etc?

    Thanks for the help too :thumleft:
  9. Dont know how long for, haven't had mine yet but thats what i was told
  10. I have selection on th 12th of March at Lichfield. My bft time is currently 8.16. I am very fit aswell. Lets just hope I get through it ok!
  11. You'll be fine especially running a time of 8:16 :)
  12. Good luck with that mate.
    Just wondering how long ago you first went into the careers office and got the application forms?

    I am going to selection on monday and it has been about 1 and a half months since i took back my applications and i only did my second interview about a week all seems a little too quick for me, not even done my GCSE's yet so if i fail ADSC i will probably do bad in them as i will be more bothered about getting fitter!
  13. I sent my application in around November. I had my second interview the other day! They are very slow at the careers office in Birmingham. I got my Lichfield joining instructions through the post this morning. I havent done my GCSE's yet either! Don't worry about it.. Just get your run time sorted and your sheer determination should get you through everything else. I train every day. Only because im expelled!

  14. Hey i went to the AFCO in B'ham too! Got my "joining instructions" 2 days ago for the 5th of march at lichfield. Anyone else going? Tom - are you ginger by any chance?
  15. No mate i have brown hair lol.. Good luck for ADSC mate!