Hi guys,

I posted a little while back asking about my medical forms after being discharged from the RAF. I'm pleased to say I passed the paper medical and have been offered a place at ADSC. I'd just like to ask if I've got through the hard part of the medical or whether the medical there is more in depth considering they already know my discharge and have advanced my application anyway.

Cheers for reading.

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Hey CA, I'd have thought that if they really didn't want you in for medical reason x they'd have wormed it out during the paper medical. Fingers crossed though and have a good time at selection buddy :)
Cheers mate however after being told I had been accepted by 2 people and that my rejoiner paperwork had been sent off and that firstly I needed to complete ADSC and then secondly I didn't , I then found out that I had actually been rejected medically. The whole situation isn't the greatest and I feel I have been well and truly f*cked about!
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