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  1. hi guys,

    just wondered if anyone on here has recenly done there 2 day course down at pirbright, i only asking for recently as apparently some of the tasks and exercises have changed for example there is now no pull ups?? is his correct??? going to start preparing now as have mine in 6 weeks! and advice apericiated
  2. usherftw

    usherftw Clanker

    There is a sticky for this ^ and also a search tab
  3. Yorkshire Lad

    Yorkshire Lad Old-Salt

    As already stated, there is a sticky and it should be used. Failure to use the sticky posts tends to lead to the OP getting a fair old helping of abuse.

    Read the various stickies, use the search function and if you still can't find an answer or appropriate thread to post your question on, then you start a new topic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.