Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fusilier50, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. i attended an army recruiters course in january and learned that changes in the way we recruit in England are supposed to be implemented from April 2011. However nothing and nobody seems to be aware of any changes in my Battalion and we are still using the same old systems. Ive been told this is the case for all of the north of England.

    ALL units in Scotland, Wales and Southern England are already using the new systems.

    The Army Recruiting School are positive we are supposed to be steering our TA recruits to the new Army Selection and Development Centres. Utilising the one army doctrine all potential recruits regular and TA all go through the exact same systems up until they complete and pass ADSC where they then go onto their own corps and capbadge training as normal.

    ADSC begins with a full medical which will remove one headache for us. Staffing is by Regular Army PTI's and NCO's. On paper it seems a very good system and the Army Recruiters course is designed around it.

    So if your involved in the recruiting system for your unit what have you found? Are you using the new systems and more importantly are you aware you should be sending your recruits to ADSC's for assessment? Are you already sending your recruits to the ADSC's or still carrying on under the old systems?
  2. CRR(NE) have not yet endorsed this plan, though it has been discussed in length at several of the recent conferences.

    The inherent problem with this for CRR(NE) firstly is the cost of sending all NE applicants to ADSC (the nearest being Glencorse) rather than to the RTC at Strensall.

    RTC already runs recruit selection as it is run at ADSC (Glencorse) though it isn't officially an ADSC (as far as I'm aware) and is staffed by TA instructors rather than regulars.

    Do the Regular PTIs and NCOs at the ADSCs work weekends? Do they really want to to accomodate TA ADSC applicants?

    Or is D ARTD's masterplan to make TA applicants take more time off from their civilian employment to do an unpaid ADSC through the week?

    Out of interest do you have a policy reference for this ("The Army Recruiting School are positive we are supposed to be steering our TA recruits to the new Army Selection and Development Centres") or is this uninformed spiel from the course intructors?
  3. There is no change to current selection procedures for the TA.

    51 Bde have always used the ADSC at Glencorse to select TA candidates but it is a TA selection process run at weekends by TA Units on a rota. It does not comply with regular selection albeit that some believe it does.

    51 Bde is the exception.

    However, there is a debate going on at the centre to bring TA selection in line with Regular soldier selection. Bear in mind that this has already happened for Officer selection at AOSB. This debate includes the possibility of all TA selection being completed at ADSCs, and only at ADSC's. The debate has not matured as yet and no green light has been given in this regard.

    There are huge benefits from running all selection at ADSC's - consistency, medicals, common PSSR (coming in September anyway), BARB, IDST, etc etc. Equally, travel time, location etc., are all known constraints. If the TA had run it's selection properly and consistently over the last ten years, the the subject might never have come up. However, the matter is now under debate, and a decision will be made shortly.

    In the meantime, if a TA applicant wishes to attend a regular selection event at an ADSC - there is nothing to stop them.

    To re-iterate. No decision has been made.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Much better use of time would be for the ADSC staff to come to the Bde RTCs at weekends, but I can see that going down like a cup of cold sick.
  5. Sounds like a good plan, of course I would say that as I'm not involved in recruiting stabs at all. The quality of some "soldiers" who have apparently passed selection is sometime abysmal.
  6. Not a problem with a central policy of recruits, bring it inline but BUT..... following on from msr's comments. ADSC staff to RTC at weekends to ensure consistency not instruct.... can't be hard for some RTC's esp 15 Bde to get regulars to York for the weekend.

    Zero difference in recruitment selection is possible and I think desirable
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  7. I would beg to differ.

    For example, the facilities are not the same and medical cover is not available at RTCs. In a nutshell, unworkable. Furthermore, this pre-supposes that all RTCs are the same in terms of quality and approach (not true), that selection is based upon a single standard (not true), and that selection is undertaken by the same people in each Brigade (not true).

    Pigeons poo on you.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    As is asking a potential TA soldier to take 4 days off unpaid during the week to do ADSC.

  9. The idea of a selection weekend encompassing medical would benifit our unit. We might even manage to get some recruits into training.
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  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    ADSC is two days for the Regs as they do their medical there instead of beforehand like the TA who consequently only do a day and half. I don't know why 15 Bde doesn't have one, but most of the rest of us seem to be working fine with a regional ADSC. There seems to be an assumption amongst posters on this thread that ADSC requires Regular personnel. To clarify, this is not so. ADSC Pirbright runs weekend selection cadres entirely using trained TA staff (though I think they pinch the duty PSI there for the PSSR) and I believe the same is true for most of the others.

    Regards simulating ADSC at a RTC, I believe the biggest problem would be in obtaining the correct PSSR equipment and BARB terminals. Other than that, everything else could be accommodated.
  11. How are ADSC going to compete though??? I doubt any have Field Hospital like 15 RTC York does :)
  12. Personnaly I dont care where they do the selection. I just want to be able to put a PO through the system in a reasonable time.
  13. probably in the wrong place here but have a question regarding national TA units .. i have my selection coming up shortly and have already got a placement for the summer challenge .. i missed out on joining the regs due to my age .. i have just read that training weekends at National units (i'm to join the RLC TA) is far between .. i obviously want to get as much time in as possible and am wondering if i can change my interest ? Please advise
  14. Short answer ...yes. All details are held on TRHJ (?) To change to another unit the unit you are joining justs hads you off to different unit. Once you are enlisted you would have to put in a trans request.
  15. Ok .. so i'm best to inform them now yes ?