ADSC, which tests pointed on?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dienekes1979, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi
    i have my first interview at the army careers office tommorow, then the 2nd interview then adsc after that.
    As i recieved a BARB test score of 75 and was told that goes towards my final A,B,C,D grade at the end of the ADSC, i wondered if there were certain tests at the ADSC that contributed towards my final score. In other words are some tests more important than others during the 2 days?

  2. No you have to do 100% at every test during ADSC as all counts, your BARB score however doesnt count to towards your IDST score neither does your TST if required for your job.
  3. well the staff sergeant in the careers office must be lying by telling me the barb score goes towards the final score
  4. The BARB test (British Army Recruiting Battery) is one part of the selection process, together with your MAQs this will determine your trainability to match which job you may try to go for. Your IDST score you get from your recruiter at his interview and from your two days at ADSC does not in any way reflect this score and no points are awarded on your IDST score for your BARB test. Your Recruiter may of said that you can go for more jobs with a higher BARB score and better MAQs but your over all grading and IDST score is not affected by this.