adsc tomorrow

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by icemann, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. adsc Tomorrow bring it on any one else attending
  2. Good luck fella :)

    Where you going to?
  3. yea cheers mate back to pirbright was referred bout 3month ago so just wanna get it out the way and crack on
  4. Good luck, let us know how you get on!
  5. Good luck mate, hope you do well.
  6. Good luck mate
  7. cheers fellas longs get past the medical watch this space
  8. Good luck, i have just got back from Pirbright today, I was medically deffered because theres a little bit of a squishy noise coming from my lungs (basically a cold) So i am deffered until its gone *even though i got basically 20-20 vision and finished the medical with flying colors* ill be back in January after the cold is gone (no time for it to get better before christmas leave).

    The staff will be cheeky bastards and you will be bricking yourself *if your like me* but just make some friends and crack on and youll be done in no time :D
  9. Good luck with tomorrow. One question though (sorry to hijack the thread) as i've read alot of people get referred for heart murmurs, until its checked out.

    Now I have a murmur, it was diagnosed when I was a wee lad and I've had no problems and will declare it fully on my app. Do you think I will still be deferred, even though I have declared it???
  10. If its already been discovered and it is an inncocent murmur and you have been given the 'all clear' theres no reason why you should be referred.
  11. Good Luck mate. I passed mine last week and was deferred with a heart murmur your be fine. On your run if you hurt head up and keep going. Your feel like the Corporals and Sargents seem to be a little off with you at first by the second day you will understand why they were doing it. And the biggest tip is if you don't understand ask don't look like a fool doing the wrong thing.
  12. I would expect that once its on your med forms, it'll be looked into before you get to ADSC - so should be ok when there.
  13. Im not sure but a friend of mine has a heart murmur and was stamped unsuitable for service. If it was a suspected heart murmur and was checked and cleared youll be fine, although if you have something like a hole in your heart - you may have a tough time convinceing the medical wing your up for the 3 1/2 months torture...
  14. Hey Gedge, how are you?
    The heart murmur really depends on the type. You can serve (apparently) with a murmur all your life, if its a certain type. Obviously not, if its a more serious one.
  15. Hehe morning, got my camping dealie this weekend and am rather bunged up aswell as a pretty terrible weather forecast...yay, hope your doing a little better on your end of things.

    But yeah soozi's got it, heart murmur isnt really a condition. My friend that has a heart murmur has it from a hole in his heart so quite obviously got the finger from the medical staff.