Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Shadowfar, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Should i do any exercise today or should i rest my body, also what alst minute prep's should be undertaken???
  2. Rest.
    If you've got to do something then go over what you're going to say in the ice breaker or interview.
    Don't do any exercise, you aren't going to get any better now but you just might sprain or pull something and ruin your day.
    Best of Luck.
  3. Good luck!
  4. cheers guys tanks for the help.
  5. well i got defered because of a f*cking heart murmur.What a joke,they wouldn't even let me try agen and see if it had changed. I've worked my sack off for the past 6months to get fit and prep'd for this and then they say they want me to be fitter so their gonna but a 15month bar on my application unless my GP can prove otherwise.
  6. Ouch, sorry to hear. How'd they find out you have a heart murmur?

    I thought heart murmers were usually a 3 month defferal?
  7. Thank fcuk for that.
  8. well the doctor who was a complete Twat and being assessed at the time really didn't have a clue. he said i have damaged my left knee well the ligaments but i have never ever ever injured the ligaments in my left knee or injured it at all.He said that i was too 'scrawny' (actual words) when i weigh in at 62.5 and their was loads of other guys who were a shite load smaller than me so....

    oh btw no1cares you really are a complete f*king bollock.
  9. fak sake.

    Please don't tell me it was Glencorse :thumright:
  10. They never do you walting pr1ck.
  11. hmm, the doctor i saw claimed i had, had surgry on my left knee, this was because my GP mixed up my medical records with my dads, he had surgrey on his left knee in 1986, i was born in 1987, i had to point that out to my GP ...somone with a PHD. After i got down to my undies the doc at Pirbright could see i haddn't had any surgry for himself.

    I also got defered for a murmur, but i was lucky enough to get an apointment at charing cross hospital next day, so i knew within 24 hours either way, it was an innocent murmur fortunatly. Now the blister's are almost cleared on my heel (stupid converse trainers) i was told by my recruiter once i had a note from my GP saying my heels where fine he would put me up for pirbright again. My Murmur problem was solved within 24 hours, now its just the blisters, did they not elabortae more to the nature of the murmur i mean the reason for the deferal period? have you not been given an appointment for an ECG?

    When you say he wouldn't let you try again what do you mean? Like you asked him to check your heart beat again? I'm not a doctor, i flip burgers for £4.45 an hour but i know even with a meaningless job like mine when somone hints i dunno what i am doing it irritates me. Maybe thats why your waiting 15 months :wink: sorry no laughing matter, i know i felt like shit the moment i was defered
  12. yea he wouldn't check it again.Well he said that i have knee problems but i don't at all,my dad did in which he got in the army.It made me feel like a had just wasted the past 6months or so but i suppose when i go back again i'll be able to nail it because i'll be ready for it.

    Yea deferal is the wankest thing known ot man lol.
  13. Not quite.

    Civilians are the wankest thing known to man.

    Yes, that means you - failure.
  14. You got a 'deferal' cos you is wink at spilling u fickin nogget now fick of and stap whanging abot uare dictor
  15. Talk about pot calling the kettle.......