ADSC Tomorrow (Lichfield)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by cJester, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Time of reckoning is almost upon me and I'm bloody shitting myself. Butterflies have taken up nesting in my stomach and I'm beginning to shake, but I think that could be down to how cold it is, either way I'm afraid of cocking up. Is there any last minute advice you could give?

  2. nothin to worry about, i went there in november, the corps always go on about how important "the final interview" is, but its piss, also it`s not nice getting your balls cupped, and being asked to caugh.

    P.S every one is in an open shower (together)

  3. I agree he final interview is easy, however 2 people failed on it when I was at ATR Lichfield.
  4. Relax when you get there and enjoy yours pal, if your bricking it your not going to look confident and won't get involved on things like the teamwork exercises, and will no doubt be umming an eerrring through your ice-breaker. Make sure you turn up looking smart, don't be a cocky cnut, do everything as quickly as you can, and enjoy yourself...
  5. Just got back from Lichfield tonight..Passed Btw.All in all its a good two days,Just get to know the lads at the start,Keep mouth shut,Do as your told,put in 110% and you'll be fine pal...Oh and enjoy it aswell :)
  6. You'll enjoy it when your there. Just keep your mouth shut unless spoken to, put max effort into everything you do and remember your there for an interview and not just to have a good time.Good luck.