ADSC Team Tasks

Can anyone please give me a heads up on the team tasks that are set on the second day of recruit selection?

Also what happens in the PT session on the first night?

Any help is much appreciated!
In the team tasks you'll be put in teams and you are given some wooden planks, so you need to get over an area without touching the ground, which can be a little bit tricky in some of the areas.

And if you mean the PT session on the first day as in the heaves, static lift etc. and some other machines which are mainly there to test your back strength, they aren't very difficult, but just try your best.

We didn't do the PT Session in the 1st evening, not sure if they do it now.. but i'm sure its just shuttle runs, relays etc
I'm not sure this answers your specific question, but thought I'd drop this in anyhoo - maybe it'll help

It also gives financial information dated financial year 03/04 so I'm guessing it's a few years out of date, no doubt it's still mostly relevant though - I would have thought anyway


Did mine on tuesday at Glencorse, it doesn't really matter if you complete the task, just make sure u keep talking and getting involved.

My results were nothing special but i still passed, 7 heaves and 10.59 in the run.

Remember, everything is best effort and you should have a laugh whilst you're there. Good luck.
Well in January when I went to Glencorse we didn't do a pt session mate, just the heaves etc. And I passed, would have done 13 heaves but 2 didn't count because I didn't extend my arms fully, so I done 11 heaves. My run time was 9.30 was hoping for a better time though because I'm going for Para.



Yes same here DH, we didn't do the relays or anything, just straight to the tests! You going to Harrogate? I'm there in september.
you lot are lucky, i went in january and did a PT session on the first day, played basketball where you cant stop running if you get caught, to the side 10 press ups and back to running/playing. Then we played crab footbal and if your seen not moving, to the side 10 press ups, might not sound hard but trust me it was agony and fcked me up for the run the next day. Most ended up taking the press ups to get a rest from running. We also did heaves and stuff earlier on in the day.


Deadly_Homer said:
Yes I'm going to Harrogate in September mate. Is your starting date the 9th then?

It will be, just waiting untill i do my GCSE's before i can do the atestation and they give me the date then.
Well I havn't done my GCSE's yet mate but the AFCO rang a few days after I went to the ADSC and told me the starting date.

And also it might only be Glencorse who don't do the pt session then.

Was there in September and in the evening on the first day you do a few shuttle runs in relay teams. was quite fun actually, and was mainly designed to get us supporting each other, and having a laugh. Also did the jerry can lift over 150metres, not particularly hard and nobody failed that, despite there being a few weeds there. Second day is the most active, up early for the 1.5mile run which is all flat ground and easier than I thought, then you do the team challenges where you combine problem solving with PT. The instructors are looking for you to show confidence, be vocal and get involved. A few lads failed cos they were too quiet. Hope that helps.

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