(ADSC) selection run times

if your junior entry you have 14mins....i am junior entry but my recruiter said i should aim for under 10mins n im goin welsh guards
1.5 mile run: 10 mins 30 secs (piece off cake anyway)
Press ups: 50 in 2mins
Sit ups: 50 in 2 mins
hellogoodbye said:
those press ups and sit ups are for officer entry...i would know i go there in 5 days 8)
err no Officer entry is MSFT to level 10.2 followed by 44 press ups in 2 mins and then 50 sit ups in 2 mins, well for males anyway.
thats all bull,
no press ups or situps.
*pull upss-none required though.
*dynamic lift
*and jerry can walk
1.5mile 10.45 max for adult piece of piss
14.30 for junior you could walk it

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