ADSC Selection Lichfield 15th March

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Fandangohxjg, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Hello...

    This is my first post so be kind!

    Am attending selection at lichfield very shortly and am after a small bit of advice. My run time for the mile and a half is below 10.30 every time but my pull ups are at best 2/3.

    Is this a major issue or is effort more important than performance?

    Also how hard is the written maths test?
  2. the maths test is piss, just revise a bit before you go, your pull ups are fine people did 2 and got in, good luck
  3. Cheers buddy!

    Thanks for the advice.
  4. Cheers buddy!

    Thanks for the advice.
  5. what does the math test involve....what sort of questions
  6. what does the math test involve....what sort of questions
  7. The maths tests try and establish what the odds are of some cnut of a civvie calling himself "killergibbo" on a military site.

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  8. This maths test, is it just simple adding up and subtracting. Because i haven't done maths for nearly 5 years nows
  9. can't understand people on here...we come to ask for advise and we get slagged of.
    am sure if you asked nicey a mod would make a spamming section because your just wasting bandweith
  10. I know what you mean sum people can b right knobs on this site. But just don't take it personally
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  12. im only managing to do 32 pushups max then my arms just dont allow me to do anymore... i hear the minimum requirement is 44. Is there anyway out?

    also how can i improve this?
  13. Hi,

    Whilst on the subject of press-ups, am I right in thinking that you can rest in the 'up' position if need to, then continue as long as you complete 50 in 2 minutes?

    Also, looking at the Army Fit website it shows in a video clip an example of how to do sit-ups. This shows the guy with his hands at side of his body palm down on the ground, using them to assist in sitting up. Is this acceptable on the fitness test? Is this how they do them now?


  14. You do not have to do press ups and sit ups at ADSC. Only a few press ups infront of the doc.

  15. Thanks for that. At what other time during recruit selection stage (as junior entrant at AFC Harrogate) are the press-ups & sit-ups done?