adsc run time.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by para_lew, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. hi, im looking at joining the parachute regiment and i am happy with everything apart from my run time. i am running a mile and a half in about 10 mins, will this be enough to pass selection, as it says that for parachute regiment it is required that i do it in 9 minutes 40 seconds.

    thanks for any helpful comments. : )
  2. If you run it in 10 you will not pass.....start running more.
  3. in that case you need to knock 40 seconds off your time. the pass for paras is 9.18 to 9.40
  4. hello there. i am over the moon as i passed my adsc selection for paras just a day before you asked this question so listen up.
    i actually ran 9.47 but because id been there before and got differed and because i worked very hard in other areas, he shaved the extra 7 off for me.
    do not be fooled into thinking that if you run it in 9.40 you will go para!!!
    the only reason i made it was because i was confident in the icebreaker thing and because i managed to lift practically double the amount everyone else did in the static lifts. they took this into acount and allowed me up to 9.40. the guy who finished the run first must have been about 10 seconds in front of me and he didnt make para. see what i mean? if your not very very strong, you need to be looking at 9.30 absoloute max. although i could, im not looking to go staight in as im not fit enough still.
    also. make sure you are fit enough to do it in the required time. i mentioned i got differed... its heartbreaking but stick with it mate and graft like fuk! good luck
  5. what i got told by my recruiter is that i was doing to much upper body and not enough running because he asked how many heaves i could do i said about 25 mabey 30 on a good day then he asked my run time and i said 10 minutes mabey more.... :(. and i got selection in 6 days i dont know if im going to be able to pass :(....
  6. dont think likw that.

    hit the treadmill sprint on a pace of 16 kmh for 2 minutes then run on a speed of say...10.5 kmh for 3 minutes and repeat 12 times.

    do that every day
  7. 25-30!! that's pretty ******* good mate, you sure you mean heaves, hang on the bar arms fully extended lift fully and lower, repeat? If so then thats great and they may allow you a few seconds off your run because of that. But put down the weights and start running. Be honest with your recruiter too, whatever you tell him the selection staff will get too....
  8. i did my run in 11 minutes 17, shocking i know dont know what happened was running 10:30 before i went , and did great in every other test etc just let myself down on the run, now i have to do a 3 week course before phase 1 - anybody got any info on this?
  9. is it a look at life course?

    i think its to give you a taste of army life i didnt know it was 3 weeks though??
  10. No i thought it was a course you did if they dident quite think your fitness was up to scratch. Quite a few of of the people who were on selection with me had to do this. It gets you set for phase 1 or something.
  11. yea he basically said its 3 weeks running - presuming we will be on base while i am doing this what else would i be doing? anybody know anything about this then i think he said its a SPC course :S
  12. I'm sure on the day your time will go down just through extra determination
  13. thanks for all the tips guys but if i get deferd then ill just have to push my-self everyday till i am running at at least 9:20 because this is something i really want, i know what they mean now when people say " fail to prepare, prepare to fail "....but ill just push myself 110% to try for that run time.
  14. Dont lie about anything like run time and how many heaves etc... And para_lew on the day your do a better time, i told my recruiter i was doing 1.5 in 10.16 - 10.30.

    At selection i did it in 9.50 when i was told in my final interview the time i nearly choked. All the other people there are in the same boat, and me and another guy were just saying to each other "come on mate come on push it."

    If your doing it at Pirbright on the last lap when you come back on the grass push yourself to 200% shave a few more seconds of that time. And if you fell sick at the end you know you pushed yourself.