ADSC Run Time - would 12 min be a fail?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by henrythompson98, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm asking this on behalf of my brother, who's got his ADSC in 6 weeks time. I've already been confirmed my basic phase 1 training, so I have no worries.

    He is currently running the 1.5 mile in around 12 minutes. He runs 3-4 mile 3 times per week, with press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups followed straight after. I don't remember anyone coming in later than 11 min when I was at ADSC, though I wasn't paying attention TBH.

    He's joining as an Installation Technician in the Royal Signals.

    Would he fail with a 1.5 mile time of 12 mins, but reasonable throughout the rest?
  2. it is effort based. I was told the run is the main thing they look at but If he does get through he will probly be waiting a good 6 months or something so that he has time to get his fitness up to scratch before arriving. Saying that i got an 11 mins 28 my first time round and i made it in........... just
  3. he can get his time down in 6 weeks...11.30 is a lot better than 12+
  4. On the day he will probly knock quite a bit of time off anyway due to being pumped up as sh*te
  5. How pumped up do you actually get on selection?
  6. Depends if you are the smallest guy in the room and thus the easiest to pin to the bed!
  7. speaking from experiance kingburn?
  8. cant wait :D
  9. 12mins would be fine, but it is best effort based so he just needs to run like sh!t. i just passed on tuesday at glencourse, the weather was terrible and since the tracks in like a forest area it was muddy as hell!, but i managed to get 10.50 (not the best but much better than when i was doing prep before ADSC).

    you do get more pumped up once your there and running with everyone else adds more confidence, therefore knocking seconds/minutes off your run time.

    he just needs to break through the pain barrier, and go for it. when i was running, it was killing me, but through my head i was thinking 'no way am i failing and getting a civi job again, i came here to join the army, and thats what im going to do."

    good luck to your brother
  10. That's what I had going through my mind on the pre-selection run mate. Giving up is pointless, and the only thing it'll get you is a life in civvie street. So don't give up.

    On a side note, I'd like to inform everyone that the masserator (sp?) in my spare bog at home sounds like the gattling gun of an A-10 bomber. Quite funny to hear just after you've dropped one ;)
  11. Nice! lol
  12. Do you think if I got him out running 4 miles every day with me, he'll be able to get his time down to a more respectable 10:30?
  13. As per the other 1.5 mile run time thread i got into the signals with a run time of 13:38 and was told that the limit was 14:00 mins

    Mind you it was pouring with rain so they might have just had sympathy with me.
  14. Remember to drink lots of water, if i drink hardly any during the day it has a big impact on my running during the evening, also eat plenty of healthy foods or foods that release energy over a longer period of time.
    Works for me.

    Triggy... :wink:
  15. Good news... I just dragged my brother out to our local track for a proper timed 1.5 mile run, and he came in at 10:10 min.

    Is this good enough to get him through ADSC?

    How much time do you reckon he could knock off in six weeks, training daily?