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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SamHarrison, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. hello, i have ADSC at Glencorse in 2 days and i was just wondering if anyone knew what the ADSC medical entails, like what happens and all that and do you strip down to your underwear? or fully naked? another question is how easy is the ice breaker? im a very confident person, and im a good public speaker so... any tips?? also i was wondering if anyone else was going just so i know someone to talk to...
  2. Use the search and stickies.
  3. The medical involves urine sample, weight an height check, eye test, hearing test. Then you go in with a doc and strip to ya undies while they check your joints and physical body movements. They then whip your undies off to check your spuds, that's it.
  4. the Army Medical is checking quite a lot, you will have your crown jewls felt, you have to strip to your underwear for a lot of it and do I cant remember what it is called something like duckwalk you walking on your tiptoes but bent at your knees, it is just a big medical dont worry about it. If you have to do a spirometry test dont worry its like the peakflow but you have to go on a bike for 10 minutes breathing cold air (they may be getting rid of this soon due to the fact Docs said anyone who coughed at childhood had asthma) and you may or may not be fully naked if so only for a short time roughly 10 seconds maximum, the Ice breaker you will be given this piece of paper explaining but as a heads up it is containing personal details 30 seconds given topic 1:30 why you want to join the Army 30 seconds then your job 30 seconds (potentionally 30 seconds of how you have prepared) the topic is one out of five you will find out which one you do there, dont worry about it especially the timmings. We were told to speak for as long as we like (meaning longer then the said times rather then less!) just dont stop talking because of nerves be confident and remember they all have to do it to and they will be bricking it as well. Good luck, do as your told and you will be fine.
  5. Icebreaker is easy. Try to be one of the first to jump up and do it. They are just seeing if you are confident, and know about the job you are applying for. Make sure you know when, where and how long each part of your training is, and all the different elements you will learn on each phase. Be confident and calm, make eye contact, and finish by thanking everyone, not by asking if that's enough!
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