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I went to Lichfield in October for selection but was deferred for a heart murmor (everything else was fine with my medical).

I'm back there in a few weeks...will i have to have a full medical again (including eye tests etc.), or is it just a case of giving a urine sample and waiting for the others?



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After my deferment (is that a word?), the only tests I had was the urine test, and the visit to the nurse who measures you and weighs you. Then a brief chat with the doctor, but mine was within 4 weeks, so not sure about after 2 months or so!
Seems a bit of a long wait for your specialist appointment but with the Christmas close down they realise the delays. As said you shouldnt need to have another medical now but go down as you did before, at least you know what to expect now and carry on with the rest of the tests and interview. This time you have one less thing to worry about so make sure your job briefs and ice breaker is on the ball. Also make sure those mince pies havent slowed you down.
To be honest i had my specialist appointment about a week later and was due to go back to ADSC the beggining of December but unfortunately got a spout of food poisioning a couple of days before.

My first choice is infantry & don't have any other choices so i'm on top of that. My icebreaker was spot on when i went to a 'look at life' not too long ago, cheers for the advice.

Been running off the Mince pies/lager the past week or so Iron, starting to feel normal again! My only concern is the fact that i'm bollocks at heaves...they'll get 110% from me though and i suppose thats the main thing.
yes fella my experience when i was deffered i didnt have to do everything again just had to go in to the doc get everything signed off

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