ADSC pirbright july 1st

No, you don't need to take ID with you.

Just take tracksuit, trainers, shoes, smart suite (shirt n tie), towel, spare underwear and toiletries.

You're only there for 36hrs, so not much need for anything.
I look forward to raging you for 36hrs Pte Pile!!
Bring shorts and Tshirt for PT on your 1st evening and for the run n the morning of day2.
I would advise everyone not to bring any anything of Value as there is only 1 safe for storing it!!!! Do not bring a passport not needed just a good sense of humour, No attitude and a will to do the very best you can to convince the NCO's and selection Officers that you have the trainability and robustness for Phase 1 and 2 training.

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