ADSC Pirbright - 8th July

As you can see I have finally got my selection date :D
I didn't think I would have to wait a month to go but atleast I know when I'm going...
Anyone else got selection then?
:( Seems like i'm the only one so far...
Doesn't it seem a bit long 4 weeks to any of you? Personally, I was brought to believe it's a wait of 1-2 weeks to go to selection from the time you are given the date?
Nahh mate mine was four weeks.
It's the wait from selection to basic which is fooooking horrid!
That's good to hear :) I am dreading the wait between ADSC and basic though, and I want to join RE as a Sparky so i'm expecting a minimum 3 month wait...

Oh yeah I went to buy my suit and everything today, and went over my budget :lol:

Suit (from suits you - Scott & Taylor) = £100 (down from £200 :) )

Shirt from zara - £30

Tie= £10

Shoes= £30

Travel case= £10

Running trainers= £25

(Other random clothes- £25)

So basically spent £230 when really I only wanted to spend around £150, thank God budgeting isn't an entry requirement haha

A bit peeved though because there was a ben sherman suit going for £100 aswell! But unfortunetly didn't have my size :(
Iam off to Pirbright on 14th july, (as a driver).

Other things you could put on your "kit list" are:

;black marker pen (to mark all your kit)
;some black insulation tape (to tidy your webbing straps)
;an ironing board, even if your ACIO says they will be provided bring one, as there is nothing worse than having to wait 3 hours untill the rest of your section have finnished with there kit.
;a good iron with a good steam function (dosnt have to be massivley expensive tho)

See you in trainning m8,

(i will be the skinny tall irish bloke with his thumb up his arrse)

How long did it take you from sending off your medical forms to getting the phone call for the second interview Toon?
It took about 4 weeks daps, but that's because i had to provide extra information about migraines i have had. So there was about another 2 week wait between that extra info and 2nd interview taking place...
What stage are you at?

Oh and triggy, thanks for the tips mate, i will definately remember them, but i am going there for selection hence the title being ADSC Pirbright as opposed to ATR Pirbright :lol: Good luck though mate, I briefly considered RLC Driver when i first was signing up, but the attraction soon subsided :p
Bollocks! I get migraines every 6 months or so, so i bet i'll have to give more info too.

Oh well, more time to get fit! I need it. :p
I was really worried I would get rejected because of my migraines, i had them about 3 times in my life and the last time was like 4 months, which isn't that long ago. But they haven't seen that as a problem so I dont think they will see yours as a problem, you will still have to give more information though.
I've never been to the doctors about migraines before. But i just get migraines every 6-8 months. Last time i had one was back in December last year. I don't think they will ask for any more info. Did you goto the doctors about yours or have any meds prescribed?
I went to the doctors and specialist eye hospital about them the last time i got one because i thought it might be a problem with my eyes, but of course it wasn't. I never got any medication for them.
Do you get blurry eyes and then a migraine? That's what i used to get, but as i said haven't had it since December last year.
Yeah. Horrible it is.
I know what you mean mate, it is one of the worst things ever.

It just makes me feel sick and horrible. My vision was blurry for about 20 minutes and then i got a massive migraine. Feels good when it starts to go though.

Luckily it hasn't happened for months. What did they say to you about it?

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