ADSC Pirbright 18/19 Sept 2012

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Hey, I have my ADSC coming up next week and was wondering if anyone had any last minute tips and advice? I've been looking around this forum a lot and it has been very helpful, I would just like some advice of what is best to focus on in the build up too it?

Thank you.
It's an interview from the moment you get picked up to the moment you walk out of the selection officers office.

Learn about your 1st job choice; role, locations, number of battalions (if applicable) where and what Phase 1 & 2 training consists of....

Above all give your best at everything.
On the team tasks make sure you listen to exactly what is being said. If you do not understand something then ask! They will get mad if you don't listen.

Also don't call the sergeant that arrives on the coach "mate" as some unlucky sod did when I was there.
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