ADSC/PDA sticky - thread for all discussion on recruitment and selection in 2018

Eat before you go I didn't and I was starving mind and take a water bottle aswell, keep your hands out your pockets and also don't cross your arms ha the staff there were really sound just listen to them they'll help you out as much as they can. Remember they're all ways watching you and accessing ! The first day will be a brief and the rules then sent to bed to be up for 05:30 then medical in the morning (takes forever) after that tbh it will just depend on how they want to do it in terms of the mile and a half etc... the interview is more of a careers chat like you had with the csm at the afco make sure you know your job choices and what they involve and stuff like where the army's currently deployed and core values and that, they just want to see how passionate and how dedicated you'll be every interview may ask different questions just get researching all the basics and yes you will be told if you passed or failed, you might get a start date but you'll more than likely get a phone call a week or so after. Hope this helps a bit if I've missed anything or you need more info before you go just give me a shout (p.s sorry no grammar haha)
That’s great, thanks man! Out of interest, what role are you going for and have you got your start dates yet?
Had my initial interview 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing since. My application portal has nothing on it and is still showing an outdated timeline. Bit worrying. Is this normal?
@louisrj12 Yeah wouldn't worry about it had my first interview in August never went to my accessment till April if possible phone up your csm but the these things just take time and they're probably just waiting till they have enough numbers of people all ready to go at the same time
Had my initial interview 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing since. My application portal has nothing on it and is still showing an outdated timeline. Bit worrying. Is this normal?
I had initial interview up at Calliope about 2 weeks ago, my CSM said it'd take a couple of weeks for the paperwork to get sent down south (Newhaven I think?) to get reviewed and then they'd send the appropriate forms off to my GP to have them sign. Got a phonecall yesterday from my CSM just telling me my GP forms had been sent off and if I hadn't heard from him in a couple of weeks ring my GP to badger them to fill the forms in.

I'd give it till the end of the week then ring them up on monday morning to see if there's a hold up, although he probably won't be able to tell you much as they likely won't have gotten back to him yet if the papers are held up at head office.
@Whynot it's not letting me link it but just Google mindmill army test and you should find a pdf to download I can't find practice tests anywhere but that will show you what's in it. You get a wee practice before the actual test and the staff there will talk you through it don't worry I'm a Mongol and got 56 on it you'll be fine
Well good news on one side my doc has produced the medical evidence that I never had eczema or atopica he new how to word it as well so not as if he had not done it before, so all it is now a waiting game and work on my phis and await the result of the CMO..
Lads ive fucked up. Had my interview three weeks ago and only just realised i had optician forms that i needed to get filled in and get sent off. Now im worried about if ive missed any other forms? I have the optician forms at home and will get them filled in asap, and i believe my CSM sent my other medical forms off to the GP for me. Am i missing any others?
@louisrj12 The Rgmd process can take several months , they will write to you if any information is missing don’t worry your not the first and defo not the last who goes thru the process they don’t mark you on that type of stuff so don’t panic
Just starting the process to join, going for REME. What was the average age of people at selection? I'm 20 and I'm not sure if I will stick out as being a couple years older than everyone else at selection.

Also, I currently work night shifts. Anyone here got any tips on flipping my sleep schedule round to getting up at 6am for when I have my selection? I'm thinking of either taking a week off to ease into it beforehand or should I stay up all night a couple days before then go to bed super early?

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