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A new sticky thread for those hoping to undertake the recruit application process including ADSC during 2018.

The rules:

1. Think before you post - No personal details, no times of trains etc. Absolutely no FB links. Read the sticky thread on personal security before you start posting.

2. No such thing as a stupid question, but please make sure you use the search engine before you ask.

3. Use the medical sticky thread for medical enquiries. Make sure you look up the relevant parts of the JSP contained therein before you become the 50th person to ask that week if your asthma/depression/ADHD might cause you a problem.

4. Give (and receive) advice cautiously. We are lucky to have some true recruiting/ADSC subject matter experts who support these boards. Listen to them, not the bloke who might have passed but has no real idea how or why.

5. Keep it civil. For the "old and bold", if you can't help with accurate and current information, then head over to the NAAFI to play.
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Hopefully not a daft question or the wrong place to post.

Already had 'the talk' with the family a few years ago when I was thinking about joining but I ended up stuck in another job while trying to get fit. Now I'm positive I'll pass the medical, short of a scare coming up on the ECG test (I used to watch loads of army documentaries as a child and I remember one of them, one of the recruits had a heart murmur that popped up on his army medical and it ended up stopping his life dream right there, kind of scarred me for life and I've always worried about it)

Anyway, my question is, are the letters from the army marked as such? I'd rather my family didn't know I was trying to join up until I was in, or had at least passed the medical stumbling block. I'm not sure if you can just ring up the GP and ask to have an ECG to put my mind at rest.
Hey guys, unsure if this is allowed here. However, I was asked to discuss my application in order to process it and upon discussing it turns out I need to fill in a Medical form but today after another phone call the girl said I must have filled in a quick medical form yet they're asking me to fill in one which isn't appearing.

The main problem is, I'm at this stage in the screenshot, not filled in a medical questionnaire and no one is saying anything progressive. Do any of you guys have an idea what stage I'm at and if and where the so called medical form will appear on this screen as it was about 2 weeks into it to get the Development Plan section to appear.

I just want to progress and get on with my application. What is your advice?

*@bergen1994, I have no idea but you could maybe book an appointment with your GP, explain that you want to join the army and want to make sure your in good order for it before jumping straight into it or to avoid wasting time, just make sure going to the GP doesn't compromise your application but going for a health check up and hinting at getting an ECG wouldn't hurt*


Hi all, doing some finishing touches on preparation and came across this thread ADSC Sticky (All ADSC chat here)
they mention that pressups and situps are not tested at pirbright but this was posted in 2014, anyone able to provide some up to date clarification on whether or not we're tested? no problem either way thanks.
@Letsago - Really? I've been working for several months as well in order to be able to do a decent number of sit-ups and press-ups in 2 minutes in case it did pop up. From doing quite shit to so far doing 45 (Sit-ups) and 51 (Press-ups) to it not being required. I guess I'll keep doing it, building core strength, body strength and endurance in case it's required at some point.

If it's possible can you check out my post above to see what's wrong with my application as no one has looked at it

@bergen1994 - I replied to you too above


@Supreme_Leader_Pennywise - keep working at your press ups and sit ups as when you get to phase 1 you complete your pfa.
In terms of your application I don't know much about completing your application with the new system as most of mine was done before the changeover. All I know is the systems are having a bit of a rough time right now. Best thing you can do is keep in regular contact with them. Just bug them until you get an answer. Thats what I did when they lost my ACT score after assessment.


Got back from Pirbright today and passed! This was my second time there (I was deferred last time) and both times I have had such a good time. The staff are great and the people in my intake were a good laugh. If you were one of my assessors there over the last 2/3 days @TheAssessor, thank you for the fantastic experience!

My advice to anyone going for their assesment would be just to relax, enjoy it, give it everything you've got and GET STUCK IN! Especially for the team tasks as I believe that this is where a lot of your points will come from for your final grade. And don't worry, I know a lot of people (myself included) get very nervous/worried before going there, but it's a very relaxed environment and the staff are all very friendly and approachable so don't be afraid to ask them for advice or even about their careers/experiences from the Army. Just today a few of us were chatting to one of the staff PTI about his career and he had some great stories to tell us. Today was quite intense as we had to do the 1.5 mile run (+800m warm-up) followed by the grenade throw and then the team tasks and one of our assessors warned us the night before in our brief that they were going to put us under a bit of pressure today by shouting, swearing and making us run about, but like he told us "it's nothing personal". This will be your first look at life in the army, and there's going to be a lot more of that in training so just take it on the chin and get on with it.

PS. Don't stand around with your hands on your hips, I did this and was warned not to do it as "we are not in the f***ing Navy" :clap:

EDIT: Also I have to ask because I'm curious to know what is actually in those goody bags? We didn't get any :(
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Im interested on what scores have people managed to get on the new ACT, scores anyone who has just finished selection?


Well done to everyone I would agree if at the PDA stage get signed up fast it will give you a real eye opener. I did mine in Belfast

Jerry Can is easy don't even fret it
Command tasks again easy get the feeling they don't really want you to fail.
1.5 Mile Run this is where i was let down even after eight months of training I did the first lap in 7,40 with two stops which would have been a fail at selection i was impressed with my effort and so where they and gave me the confidence not to let it get me down so more training. And do not fret the hill guys its a minor hill but still thru me so it did.

But PDA gives you a great insight and at lest you get to see the course. It also gives you a chance to look at your future training area. I am always gobsmacked when I see the sizes of the places like small citys, of people just with the one goal in mind of defending our country's.

But as everyone says on here the people are not wanting you to fail they are wanting to help you thru it command tasks where most fun, but a bit c I liked it as never had issue talking in a crowd or with people just meet.

At end of day they no you want to join the army but as the other said don't act like you deserve a job other wise they will come down on you like a tone of bricks. When your talking on your ice breaker bit don't over run the original question i nearly answered my icebreaker in one go but they found that showed confidence in talking.

So going back in a few months for another PDA after a bit more road work if this dam snow would bugger off and let me run.
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