ADSC - new acronym

THis is definitely not a WAH or a Whaa! For those not fully aware then that well known acronym RSC (Recruit Selection Centre) has been consigned to history. God rest its soul. Someone in all their wisdom (and probably trying to leave their own stamp and a potential MBE/OBE to boot on a newly acquired post) has decided to change its name to the Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC). What development do they honestly think they will acheive in the 30 hours they are there? Apart from costing the taxpayer millions in changing a perfectly working description of what the centres are there for - Recruit Selection hmmm? - then they are opening up a bag of worms for the more witty ones amongst you to come up with words to describe what the ADSC really stands for. Perhaps they were getting sick of people mistaking it for the Royal Shakespeare Company or the old bard has turned in his grave and slapped a copyright on RSC.

So to start the ball rolling I suggest it should be known as the Attention Deficit and Soul-destroying Centre or just plain ADSC for short.

Goodbye the RSC. Gone but not forgotten :(

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