ADSC Medical.

Hey, when you go for your ADSC medicak with the MO will they tell you there and then in the examination room if you have passed medical wise, or do they wait until to interview to tell you?

you will have your medical on arrival on which the MO will go over your notes and ear/eye test everything like that.If a problem has arose which will occur in a deferral then they will tell you there then of which you will be asked to leave.Depending on reason of deferral any further tests or ect.. required they will help organise with you so you can return as soon as poss.
basically if you get a bib after your medical then it has all gone fine.
Careful on the eye test as they dont mark it properly.
I was given a 6/12 which meant i couldn't join my chosen job. I went to an optician when I got home and my eye was a 6/6 which is perfect.
I wasnt defered tho. I just had to prove it wasn't bad at

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