ADSC Maths Test


Just doing some revision for the maths test at recruit selection and was wondering whether a calculator is permitted?

Also any help on the contents of the test would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!


Just done selection at Glencorse did the maths test and it included just about everything ranging from basic fractions and area to more difficult algebra they provided a calculator. we were tested at roughly 8am , we were still knackered but managed to pass.


Fractions and algebra i better start practicing. :O i know sounds bad but i've got lazy since college and have been using calculators and PC for everything.
By maths test I assume you mean the Technical Selection test. It is basic stuff but towards the end the questions can be a little confusing. My advice would be, read the question carefully and do the working out on the paper provided. You have plenty of time. I revised some basic GCSE maths before I went and Aced the test.

PS you will be provided with a calculator. However make sure you take your own pen.
Ah.... the calculator generation.....saying that I hate mental arithmatic too.

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