ADSC LITCHFIELD - 4th April - Anyone else ??

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Anyone else have selection tomorrow at litchfield ? if so what are you wearing upon arrival. one recruiter told me tracksuits as its easyer for medicals ? but then another said a nice pair of jeans and a decent top. basicly not looking messy?. i have been before so know what to expect just couldnt remember what i wore last time .. fitness wise is easy . its not hard to pull out 110% when u really need to . medicals on the other hand ... urgh not looking forward to that, i always see way to many people being deferred.

Good luck to anyone who has it tomorrow.
just go in jeans and a decent top. That's what I did last month when I went. Few lads came in suits and had approximately 30 seconds to change into PT kit before medicals then straight over to strength tests (jerry can, powerbag lift)
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