ADSC Lichfield - Recent Experience


The only PT we did were the three assessment exercises, there's no full on PT session unless it's changed since. It's nothing to worry about if you've prepared!


That was an amazingly quick response, thank's for clearing that up. I'll post my result's next weekend, fingers crossed RA here I come!


Reg, this might sound like a ridiculous question & I am sure I am overthinking it. I consume a lot of water and have a 2 litre water bottle, I want to take it but it's not going to give out the impression I'm greedy etc?


Mostly what the other guys were gonna be like, but everyone was sound... a massively diverse group of people


@ljms hopefully my group is the same!

In the evening time (Day 1), did you stay in your tracksuit or did you get changed into 'office wear'?


Still waiting on my ADSC date as my Doc's are taking their time sending my medical records off... This is a great read though, saved it to my favourites so I can look through it again before I go. My biggest worry is failing the medical, that seems to get a lot of people out and it's all out of my control.


@Dizzee367 Following my selection this week, I'll update this thread with my experience. All I will say about the medical is: You cannot control everything accept that ASAP, work really hard on the things you can control.

It was only two days ago I was stressing about the Spirometer Test & whether I could hear a heart murmur. I kind of still am, BUT being anxious is only natural it proves how much you want to do it!


@ljms 11:42 - Quicker than expected but not as quick as I would've liked!

Here is my experience below:

Day 0:
  • Arrived at the Train station at 15:20 (Caught the earlier trains due to having an open ticket.) Arrived in trousers, shoes, shirt and jumper, some arrived in casual others in smart casual. They DID make a note of this.
  • We were lined up at the bus station and asked to provide ID before we could get on, I advise you ensure you bring some, passport, drivers licence etc too many people didn't it was amazing.
  • Given our first instructions to fill the bus from the back, too many people didn't follow this and again this was noted - VERY simple instruction - LISTEN at all times.
  • Once we arrived at Lichfield we lined up in ranks of 3 and our name was called, respond with a Yes Sir/Staff/Sgt depending on whether they are uniformed or in Black, when our name was called we had to collect our bibs with the relevant number. For the next two days this number replaces your name
  • In total there was 49 of us.
  • We were given a brief of the evenings plan and given our water bottle with our number on it, DO NOT LOOSE THIS, its a small responsibility task, I think 3 lost theirs and did get marked down because of it.
  • We then sat in a lecture hall and essentially filled out paperwork for the duration of the evening until we went to Scoff at 18:30, the paperwork says you will not get an evening meal so be prepared for worst case scenario.
  • I cannot emphasise how important it is to bring all relevant documents, some people looked majorly stupid for not brining ID's, Variation of exam grades, optitions reports etc.
  • Once we came back from Scofff we were given 10 mins to smoke/toilet, before we had a presentation on CDRILS - if you do not know this learn it before you arrive, you will be asked at least once.
  • We then headed over to the accomodation, we had 4 rooms a mix of bunks and single beds and were given instructions on how to make our beds. If you can avoid it don't use the Blue blankets who knows when they were last cleaned.
  • Once beds were made we had a short amount of time to shower, a couple of guys hadn't been in a communal shower before and at first were weirded out but in the end all embraced it and for the next 2 days it didn't phase anyone even the younger guys.
  • Lights out at 22:00 - as LJMS has mentioned take earplugs if you don't want to beat the one guy who snores with a battery in a sock.
Day 1:
  • Up at 5:30am, Sgt came in and he woke everyone up, get up make your bed (Picture is on the dorm door), brush your teeth etc then time for inspection.
  • Once inspection was finished we ranked up outside the dorms ready for scoff by 6:30am.
  • If you are worried about your BMI go light and have a bowl of cereal, you won't need a big breakfast.
  • After breakfast back to the lecture hall for more admin work and then we met the Admin team who went through our paperwork, address all these ladies as Ma'am, they are really nice and supportive!
  • We were then split up into groups to do our BARB Tests, Urine Tests and Medical Exams.
  • I did my BARB first which was longer than I expected it to be, handed in my Urine test and waited for the next call.
  • The chaps who did the TST (Including myself) sat down to do that before Medical, if you haven't already REVISE, the TST test on the army.mod website is very similar to the one I did. Math's isn't my strong suit and I kept doing that test and revising bits I couldn't do and walked away with 47 out of 55.
  • Once that was complete over to the medical section.
  • Started the eye test which is literally no different to an opticians test, easy peasy.
  • Then I did the hearing test, you are stuck in a box with some headphones on and beeps are made at different frequencies, click the button when you hear a beep simples.
  • Following that I did the BMI/Peakflow, take your shoes off whilst waiting for this one, speeds up the process and the nurses got impatient with people who didn't listen or didn't show any haste. The Nurse took my height & weight the limits are: BMI above 18 and below 28 UNLESS you waist is under 94cm then your BMI limit can go to 32. Lastly in this area I did the Peakflow, too many people messed this up, breathe in through your mouth and blow out as if blowing a candle out really quickly. The people who had a history of Asthma also had to do a spirometry test but if you have had Asthma then you should be aware of this.
  • Over to the ECG, shirt off, lie down they then stick pads to you, sit there and relax after 30 seconds they remove it, no issues.
  • Once all of the above is complete you hand your docs over to the Nurse's desk then wait to see the GP.
  • With the GP, he asks about your medical history and your families, asked you to get to your undies and perform some weird movements and a couple of press-ups. Then lie on the docs bed and he will move your joints quite vigarously.
  • I got a green card and was about the 6th person through, some people were there up until 17:00PM waiting for Spirometer or Echo Scans.
  • The people who had green cards waited in the rec room and watched TV/revised for their interview, at 12:00PM we were provided with a baguette and a piece of fruit, the baguettes were fairly good!
  • The first 16 people were then taken to do the grenade throw and team tasks.
  • Get into your overalls asap, follow the assesor to the grenade throw, listen to your instructions and give it some.
  • The grenade throw is awesome, we had two tunnels and raced each other, got to the end and yelled 'SEEN' & 'GRENADE' at the top of our lungs, a few people got given shit for not actually shouting here, don't be shy absolutely yell it was great fun.
  • We then did 3 team tasks, I won't tell you what we did because it ruins the fun, it's not about completing it but how you performed in a team.
  • Our group lost all 3 of the tasks which we were gutted about, but the other team had a little help.
  • Ensure to get down on your knees, communicate (loudly), listen, throw out questions and ensure everyone has their say.
  • Once we completed that, we went for a shower had an hours reccie time before Scoff.
  • This is where we assessed numbers and our group of 49 dropped to 28 due to medical deferrals!
  • After Scoff it was back to the lecture room and we had a presentation on Phase 1 training, the Assessor who gave us the presentation clearly was very passionate about this which made it really interesting. Pay attention it may open your eyes to things you weren't aware about.
  • Once the presentation was over we had 1hr30mins to revise and relax, all of the group was stressing about the phys the next day, about 12 of us sat outside and tested each other, this was noted on by the assessors.
  • Reccie time over, time to hit the hay/shower again, all of us were tired and we did lights out ourselves before 22:00.

    Day 3:
  • The big day! Up at 5:30 again, get into your shorts and t-shirt (DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING ELSE you will get shit for it!)
  • Had scoff at 6:15 and back to the reccie room to revise/let our food digest, if you didn't pass your barb test you had a chance to resit it here, if you do get asked, the answer is Yes! I want to do better, the 4 guys who resat all got better scores.
  • 7:55am the warm-up started, we sprinted on the spot, then squatted, then jogged, then jump squats for about 10 mins. It caught everyone off guard but no-one bitched we just cracked on.
  • 8:05am I started with the group doing the Jerry Can carry, not one person out of all 28 of us didn't do the full distance, if it hurts - get through it.
  • Once we had finished we switched, the other group went over to the Jerry Cans and we didn't the Power Bag Lifts, again all but one person lifted the full weight, approach the bag with haste and purpose, they wanted you to show enthusiasm.
  • We had about 3 seconds to drink some water before the 1.5 Mile run and warm-up.
  • Lichfield is 95% flat except one gradient for about 10/15 metres so it's a good course.
  • We ran around abit of it for 800 metres to warm up, then lined up and Boom! Of we went.
  • One guy was sick on the way around but picked up his pace and still smashed it, the last guy came in at 12:42 that meant everyone's run time was enough for their first job choice, if you have done any training you will smash this, I wanted 10:30 but I was being highly optimistic - just give it your all and sprint finish!
  • We then had 20 mins to shower and get in number order in the lecture room, one guy was late cause he vommed once he had finished the run.
  • One by one we were called into the interview, when they call your number for the love of god shout 'SIR' when you are called, some people didn't and were called out for it.
  • The interview was great, I had a real down to earth conversation about why i wanted to join at the age of 27 and why I wanted to join my regiment, I know others were asked about CDRILS their Reg/Training/Locations what they do etc.
  • I walked away with an A grade and my interviewer asked if I wanted to look at all the jobs as I had the requirements for everything except Para's.
  • Needless to say I was ******* chuffed.
  • The interviews took about 2 hours and we all clapped when someone came in with a pass, as the group became really good friends throughout the duration. We all roared when the last person came in, out of 28 people....28 people got their first job choice.
  • We then were shuttled to the train station, we all exchanged FB and had a few group photos and off we went!
  • This was one of the most phenomonal experiences I have ever had, if you truly want to join the British Army & you have an ounce of common sense and respect you will also really enjoy it!
Further Comments:
  • Be respectful and talkative to all the staff at the centre this will give you a higher score.
  • Listen to what you are told.
  • Do EVERYTHING with haste, don't dawdle around.
  • Ensure to bring all relevant paperwork with you, it was a joke how many people didn't and said "I wasn't told to", you all get a doc with what is expected/required so you have no excuse.
  • Train for your run and strength exercises.
  • Speak to people, I have made some great friends who made the experience incredible
  • Only worry about the things you can control, I.E Physical tests, BARB test etc - if you have worked for these you will be less concerned.
  • Finally Enjoy it, it is great fun!
Once again thank you @ljms your experience made me far less concerned about mine, hopefully mine will do the same for others, let me know if you have any questions!


Ok cheers, I seem to suffer this white coat syndrome and wonder whether to ask my gp for a 24 hour blood pressure test and take the results to selection with me. Great write up by the way, very helpful.


@Hilderbrand If you can arrange one, I would do it and take it with you. The worst in that situation that could happen is you will be given a conditional pass and they may ask you to see a specialist.

I really cannot emphasise enough don't fret about the Medical too much, I went in thinking there was things wrong with me but walked away squeaky clean.

Thanks for the compliment but not necessary!
Good info, thanks! As a recent applicant I'm making it my mission to learn all I can before I get there. I have my selection at Lichfield 17/10/17.

What I can say so far for anyone joining reserves, make sure you attend as many of your local units drill nights, get stuck in ask questions, learn everything! They are always observing, even when it doesn't seem like it. Get to know some of the privates/troopers that have gone before you, they are the ones probably with the more recent experience.
Physically, its your responsibility to make sure you're ready. We know exercises we doing, so practice!
And like others have said,110% in everything you do, even if you don't get the fastest time or heaviest weight, if you give it your all, it will be noted.

Last thing: anyone else going on 17/10?

Passed selection this weekend, here is my guide to how the weekend went.

Day 1
Got to Lichfeild train station @ 3.15pm, soon got speaking to people who where there. (You can tell who is going for selection as they are all well dressed with bags drinking water. Staff came over and collected us early, it was about 3.35pm and lined us against the wall with our ID next to our head. He came down the line called our name and we all replied with a loud firm "STAFF". Here we was given our number, (Don't worry too much about remembering it as you get handed a bib when you get there.)

There was about 8 of us on the coach (Filled from the back) We all was chatting about how far we had travelled, what unit we are joining, prep we have done and what was going to happen over the weekend. Next batch came onto the coach and by the time we got going at 4.05pm there was 24 of us on the coach.

10 minute drive to the barracks and we was lined up outside reception in 3 ranks, ran over the rules and off inside we went. Bibs on, into the lecture theatre and had a short presentation, we then started to sort documentation out - Valuables (Yes that means no phones and no watches), all forms of I.D along with the correct forms. After a hour or so we where then taken for food which is nice. Then we headed back to the lecture room completed some more admin and then shown around part of the base we would be using. Then into our dorms beds made shower (Which are communal) lights out at 22.00.

Day 2
Up at 5.55am, Beds made and into the toilet to fill you urine sample pot. Don't worry so much about what you wear for the first part of the day as it is all tests and medicals. Most people wore shorts or tracksuit bottoms with a t-shirt. The morning consists of being shipped around from corridor to corridor and into the classroom. Once you have completed your tests you lose your first bib, Barb tests, Numeracy and Literacy and TST test's are all done as well. Our group lost 6 people to medicals 1 was a fail and the other 5 where deferrals. Because our group rattled through the medicals and tests we went on to do the run, team tasks and grenade throw. (Which come as a shock to all of us as we thought we was doing the run on the sunday.)

Here you get a chance to change into your PT kit, then off out front to do a little warm up on the spot for 5/10 minutes, then into the power bag lift and onto the jerry can walk. Then we all went round the corner where we was explained about the run, we did a 800m warm up at a slow pace. Got to the line, spent 30secounds-1 minute for the off and off we went. (If you are worried about this don't be, I am not the fittest person but on the day something takes hold of you and just keeps you going)

After the run we went onto the Grenade through and Team task's, like an earlier post I am not going to tell you anything about these as it will spoil the fun. After that we went inside where we got all our valuables back, off for scoff and then given the rest of the night to relax and revise for tomorrows interview. (If you have put the time in like I did you don't really need to revise here, but the extra time is welcoming.)

This was about 7pm once we all got into the R&R room, by 8 o'clock people where ready for bed. We got our heads down at 9.30pm

Day 3
5.50am up again, beds stripped and new linen laid out for the next group, into our suits and then room inspection. After a very brief room inspection we went off to scoff and then back to then lecture theatre, this time would of been used for resits but no one in our group needed to. We then went through a presentation on Phase 1 Alpha and Bravo, Life in the army and what they expect from you then onto our interviews. I was part of the 2nd group of 4 to be interviewed. You are not asked anything you shouldn't already know upon going there.......
-Why you're joining
-Regiment your joining
-What your family think
-What your trade entails
-What Phase 1 Alpha and Bravo entails

I came out with a A grade, when you get that hand shake saying welcome to the British army it really does make you smile. Back into the theatre and you wait for everyone to be interviewed, we managed to watch the Hangover and Tranformers. Then once everyone had come out of the interviews (2 fails, 6 deferred passed and 12 passes) we had a presentation from the ranking officer and presentation of our Certificates, those of us who went reserve Attested group photo and then onto the minibus and back to the train station.

I was really nervous about going to selection as my run times wasn't the best, but I have got to say it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had. Great bunch of people, great staff and most of all really enjoyable weekend. Don't worry too much about selection, just prepare as much as you can and you really will enjoy it.

- When asked to do something do it and with haste
- Be the first one to offer yourself to do anything
- Put yourself out there
- Communicate well during team tasks
- Give it your all on your run, you don't want to waste the whole weekend and regret not digging in for 14 minutes.
- Take a pillow if you like high pillows
- Prepare as much as possible
- Enjoy it

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