ADSC Lichfield- Medical examination question; cracking knees

Hi there,

got my interview booked next wednesday and hopefully should all go well.

Just a question about the medical at RSC, ever so often one of my knees (my right), cracks from when i bend it to when it's fully extended.

It's only my right knee, and it's done it for years, there is never any pain, and the knee/kneecap looks fine,

so the question is they are going to defer me if ive got a bit of a creaking right knee if the rest of me is fine?

surley if there is no pain there is no issue?


Had exactly the same thing with both knees, even when I bent down to do the duck walk (you'll see) they both went CRACK, no probs at all.

And I even had a history of anterior knee pain.
cracking knees happens to so many people, of all different ages and backgrounds. it is generally not anything serious. When two parts forming a joint are pulled away from each other (bending down, kneeling on the floor) the joint capsule increases in volume but the fluid in the joint capsule no longer fills it all. Gases dissolved in the fluid quickly fill the empty space causing a sharp cracking sound. who said a-level biology would never come in handy :D
yes i did, thank god.

Just means i have to do a spiro test at the ADSC, only an extra 15 mins or so, and thats it i hope,

got my interview next wednesday, i do need to practice my icebreaker , which interview do they get you to say that on?



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I wasn't asked to do mine at either interview, although they told me I would have to perform in the brief the day before selection, otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to go!!!!

Don't fret too much about it - have they even told you what you need to talk about yet? If not they're unlikely to want to hear one!

Glad you've been approved medically, and i hope Wednesday goes well for you!
well no they havent told me face to face what to talk about

but when i finished my BARB test i got a sheet about the icebreaker, saying what you need to talk about and saying that you will be asked to perform this to your recruiter, thats the only thing i worry about and at adcs, im not the best in front of large crowds speaking, god knows what will happen if i start stuttering!


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Seriously I was really worried about this at ADSC, but as long as you know what you're going to talk about, and have practised it loads you'll be able to gather enough words to get you through. And if you don't talk enough, they'll ask you questions, but I found that easier, because you don't need to dig deep in your memory - just answer them honestly!

If you've already been given a sheet with pointers on, then there is no harm in getting something together and being ready in case they ask. If they do, just do it - don't think about it and worry too much!
yer ill try my best mate, keep hearing loads of people get deferred with heart mumurs, hoping i aint one of them!

also another thing mate if youve been to adcs recently, do you do ress-up's, somebody told me not, really the only timed thing is the 1.5 mile run and as long as you show endurance and hard effort on the others you should be ok?
I was there last week - no press ups or sit ups!

Just try your very hardest at everything - keep your head down, and give it loads in the team tasks.

You'll be fine if you're prepared - it really isn't that difficult. The nerves are the hardest part!
yer, cheers for the advice so far

the two times i can see me shitting it at adsc will be on the icebreaker and the final interview at the end with the PSO, i will be wanting to get in the army so much, i guess ill just have to put that determination into getting rid of my nerves and think, the bastards want me!
Knees are very strange bones, built up of complexed ligaments and tendons. As long as there is no pain should be no need to worry, if swelling is present though then might be worth getting them checked.

But be warned degenerative knee injurys are usually indicated by crunching, cracking etc
Hi all,

seen as though knees are the topical issue, I also have cracking knees, however they don't make a sound as such. What I mean is, when I place my hand over my knee and extend it, I can feel like a very slight popping sensation, it doesn't hurt in the slightest and doesn't prevent any sport or activity. This is the case on both knees ? It feels normal to me but can anyone more educated give me an insight please ? :L I have ADSC coming up soon and I would feel like a tit if i get deffered on that !

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