ADSC Lichfield anddd general questions...Please :)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Diablosilver, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Heyy

    I'v got my selection at Lichfield on the 4th - 5th of Septemper, anyone eles?

    I was wondering, and im going for a job in the Infantry, how long has it took people to get from passing selection, to the day they acctually start basic training?

    Also all i ever hear theses days from peoples opinions on the army is that tis full of bulling :\ I personally think its the media talking shite, anyone eles think that? Or is it true?

  2. The whole process has taken me about 5 - 5 1/2 months, depends on which regiment you are deciding to join and when the next date for that particular regiments intake date comes up at ITC Catterick..

    Bulling? Sounds pretty dodgy. 8O

    But as far as bullying/abuse goes, I'm expecting plenty of it. There is a post written by somone who has recently passed out and theres a fair bit of info in there for you to ask that.


    I suppose as long as you're not a cocky gobshite you will do fine, you will (from what I have heard) always get the odd idiot but they get weeded out soon enough.


    Just a quick note to you; from talking to the careers advisor and instructors at ADSC a big emphasis has been put on the fact that Battalion Life and time spent at Catterick are completely different. So you should only worry about the important stuff; fitness, fitness, fitness. You're always going to get a mix of people.
  3. I passed selection 05/08/08 and my date for Catterick is 21/09/08, I started the whole process at the end of May 08.

    cant wait :D

  4. i passed selection 15 july i start at catterick 7/9/08
    good luck to you all might see you there
  5. I passed selection 23/7 and start at ADC 14/9.
  6. Hey...
    Im New 2 this bt saw the comment about you going to Lichfield on 4th- 5th sept.. ill b there to mate.. you looking forward to it?? Can't wait myself :D anyways ill see you there...
  7. I recently passed selection at Lichfield. Corporals were good blokes. Are all Army showers that crap though? Lmao