ADSC Lichfield, 4th and 5th October, Selection!!


Finally got my date for selection through, 4th and 5th of October, so a week tomorrow!!, I've been doing my running since July aswell as pull up's/heaves, sit-up's, and press up's.

I do consider myself reasonably fit and hopefully enough to pass adsc, fingers crossed :)

checked my weight today, it's 62 kg and height is 175, 176 cm so i think that means my BMI is definitley ok to pass, i know a little on the low side but not absolute borderline i dont think.

Anybody got any last tips, ive read bits on heart mumur deferrrals, so ill be cutting out any excessive caffiene, salt, shite processed food, fizzy drinks from the start of next week. fingers crossed!

also job briefs are learned, will i need to recite them for all my 3 choices or just my 1st, hopefully just 1st as thats the one i know the best!!

I am going to pass, nothing is going to stop me, bar my medical!!

top tips anybody


i went, and i passed. its nothing hard, just talk to the other guys, dont stand out from the crowd, and do what you are told straight off.

you are told to get up at 5.30 (well where i was) and make all your beds. we woke up at 5.15 instead to give ourselfs some more time to make a good job of it, it helped.

as for the physical, i did 10.50 for my run time and passed, 4 heaves and passed, managed the whole length on the jerry can lift. im not sure what i got on the strenght tests.

anyways dont worry, its a good experience..well for me it was, and hasnt put me off one bit.
Go and enjoy it, you'll meet some descent lads from around the country, in the same boat as you.
It wasn't that hard looking back it, you've just got to stay sharp and give everything you've got.
I had a good time up there.
You should pass aslong as you give 100%.
one last bit fellas, regarding job briefs, do i need to learn all 3 perfect?, or as im guessing no1 perfect and a good idea of 2 and 3?

as in regards to the final PSO interview


last question for you fellas, in regards to the final pso interview at adsc,

do i either; learn first choice job brief ace and other 2 ok?

or have you got to know all 3 of them perfect?

BW, you've asked the same queston 3 times :p I've still got to do my selection, but I would assume you learn every job you want to go for, just learn what it says on the army website about them and you should do fine.

It can't hurt to learn everything, can it?
i didnt have to know any of my job breifs.

i just went in, he basically reviewed my performance and asked me some basic questions like what do i want out of it, what type of person i am etc.

nothing about job breifs, although i did know them.

i would know all of them pretty well incase you cant do the job you asked for.

just make sure you go with a suit or shirt and tie with shoes. some of the boys forgot their black shoes and went in with a suit and scruffy white trainers :p